Thursday, October 20, 2016

Big Hips, Big Dreams - THE TRAILER!

You read correctly, THE TRAILER!

Big Hips, Big Dreams is a short documentary making it's screening debut at DocNYC on Friday, November 11, 2016.

I decided to revive my writing spirit and answer some of the common questions I've been getting:

Yes!! A short documentary.

2. What's it about?
ME ME ME! *wink My double life, sharing my life advice from the soap box in my kitchen, being sans makeup, ha!

3. How'd you do that?
I just showed up, answered the door, put them on the guest list, etc... Melanie McLean of Flying Giant Productions did all the hard work. We met in college, and by the good graces of social media we stayed in touch and watched one another's journey. One day Melanie called me and said "hey, wanna be my subject for this project?"  And since this is my first half year of YES and I trust her immensely, I said let's do it! Then I made some jokes about my rider and things I'll need...jk jk. #LowBudget

4. Have you seen it yet?
Nope! I vowed to watch with the audience as my first time. I'm quite nervous, but very excited.

5. I wanna see it!
Great, you should come! I'm leaving work early for this once-in-a-lifetime experience on Friday, November 11th.  It'll screen between 5:15 - 6:15pm at the IFC Theater in NYC. You can buy tickets here.  And invite yourself on Facebook and let me know if you'll make it!

If you have more questions, post below!
Without further ado....

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Work in Progress

Getting older is amazing. I used to be fearful of age because I associated it so closely with death. Seriously.

I’m realizing that with the more people I meet and the more experiences I rack up, becoming my best authentic self is that much easier. Although it proves to be difficult at times, fighting for myself only helps me project a better Tina upon the world around me and hopefully beyond in the years to come.

I’m an admitted commitment-phobe. I know this stems from a history of “relationships” that conditioned me to feel as if I will never be taken seriously as a partner. That only behind closed doors I am an ideal. With age though, I understand that the few men I’ve had in my life could not accept me because they were not able to accept themselves. This is not my fault. It never was and never will be as long as I am willingly to offer my best self along with my few flaws haha *wink*

My relationship, yes the one in the last post almost 4 months ago to the day, has grown into something incredible. I thought I could make my decision public and put it down on virtual paper and THEN I'd "stick to the plan". I was obviously mistaken. I have something I never thought I would have and it feels great. I know nothing lasts forever, but I’m ok pretending it will. I had many a warning in addition to many words of encouragement. The reality is there is no 1 way to navigate this boyfriend/girlfriend thing. I'm learning everyday. 

He came to my family's thanksgiving celebration which was a breeze as I knew it would be. I guess this is a "big deal", but I don't know. It just felt normal and right; Weirder if he WASN'T there, ya know? Life is wild.

Performing has definitely taken a back seat due to my day job. I have less time and less energy to focus on being innovate. This is bittersweet as I love my weekend/manfriend time, but I still love taking events when I can! That said come SEE ME!

Sunday, December 20th at I’ll be at Le Poisson Rouge with some of my favorite people. The ladies that are behind and part of the Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp movement have proven over and over they work and exist with open arms. Celebrate a HOT PINK CHRISTMAS with us!

Saturday, January 9th I'll be at the LoveSick Wedding Expo for the 3rd time! I have some dear friends behind this operation from day one and am SO happy for their continued growth. This "outside of the box" wedding event has the best in local vendors. Come hang out, I promise it's not JUST for couples planning to go down the aisle!

I hope you are all well and thank you for tuning in despite the hiatus. I'm leaving for vacation with two of my girlfriends, LP & KB, on December 14th. #GetMeTheFuckOutOfHere

Ciao for now,


Friday, August 14, 2015

Bottom Line

In an effort to maintain the confidence - in mind, body, & spirit - that I work so hard for I've decided to part ways with my (on&off) boyfriend of 3 years.

I choose to keep my private life private, but decided to share with a vain belief that perhaps it might influence someone in my situation to gain the necessary strength it takes to move on from such a life.

I will never air anyone's dirty laundry as that is not conducive to moving forward. I will say that when dating an addict there comes a time (in my case a 2nd round) when you must accept that you can no longer help someone if they do not want to help themselves.

I am deeply in love with someone that cannot accept it. If I stay any longer I am only enabling and that is the bottom line.

Please don't ask me questions, but I would love to hear your stories. I hope to preserve a safe space here where we can come together and share.

I'm sorry it's been almost 5 months since you've heard from me. I have been thoroughly enjoying my life with some really exciting things to look forward to. I hope you are all well.

Ciao for now,


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sounds Snobby

Happy Thursday! It's a quiet week at my day job as most people are gone for SXSW in Austin. I on the other hand am gearing up for shows & a wedding!  There is definitely a block in the universe that prevents me from posting on Tuesday. I swear. It's the weirdest thing. I did have every intention of posting yesterday but got way sidetracked at work. Like I should be, ha! Then my evening was taken up with a show at Mercury Lounge for client Sundy Best. THEY ARE SO CUTEEEEEE! Definitely check out this Kentucky crossover band. I was definitely won over.

I'm also considering officially changing my new blog posts to go up on Wednesday. There is something about Tuesday that's like a total block. It's so bizarre!! I can't win, I love the ring of Tuesday with Tassels obviously, BUT #TuesdayOnWednesday isn't so bad, right? *scratches head

What are you doing Saturday night? Treat yourself & perhaps your man or woman to a show dedicated to the butt. That's right, the butt. I'm heading back to host at Drom with the ladies of Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp for the Booty Pageant! I'm excited for this as I cannot do much with my butt except squeeze it into too tight jeans ha!

How is my fake online dating going? Great! I wrote back to 1 person that made me Hword HA! Other than that, I'm playing dead. I should just close it down, but I'll pretend for a bit more. Some people claim it's a nice confidence boost, I beg to differ. That sounds so snobby, but C'MON!!!! Some of these people. I'm just being honest.

Next Friday, we're starting out monthly gig at Staten Island's Hashtag Bar. Such good people to work with so I'm really looking forward to getting back there regularly. We have a great 1st cast too. Hopefully you can make it to Meat My Friends and tell me about your online dating ;)

Ciao for now,


Wednesday, March 11, 2015



I had an unexpected busy day at work yesterday (also time flew) AND I got approved for my FREE AMY SCHUMER TICKETS last night so obviously I wasn’t gonna put anything on halt for this ha! Priorities were top notch!

So after standing outside of The Heath (McKittrick Hotel / Sleep No More headquarters / Dita after party place) in the rain for over an hour we were let up via the only entrance: an elevator that fits on average 8 people. It was fun – while our seats kinda sucked because we were off to a harsh stage right, it was a blast. It was cool to hear & see Amy do her new material that I only witnessed via TV on Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars on Sunday. She’s good. Total girl power advocate which is right up my alley. AND the cherry on the top was Bridget Everett coming out at the end to do a song and hump a sexy black dude’s face. The entire performance was #MyHeaven and I kept my phone away like a good audience member. I didn’t even sneak a peek for you guys. THAT’S how awesome it was. I love these 2 being such good friends & working together. They feed off of each others energies. They inspire & support one another and continue to grow as confident, independent women. The real deal. I can only hope to work with them in any capacity one day!

Zoning in our first Meat My Friends at Hashtag Bar. Need to finalize some things and we'll be ready to go! Will be fun / adventurous to be back on the island once a month! Especially great to be hosting & performing every month too!! I'm also highly appreciating the enthusiasm from some fellow performers. #SpreadLove

Today is the 7th anniversary of my real (as opposed to my step) dad’s passing. The day is just so heavy. Even the years I wake up not knowing what day it is, the second I look at a calendar it all makes sense. 

Ciao for now,


Friends send me things like this to remind me that life rules: Dinner & Duane Park tonight.