Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Moneymaker!

Here it is!!
Friday, January 14, 2011 Drive Thru Burlesque at Parkside Lounge. I had SUCH a blast that night and was part of this CRAZY cast of women and men who are so talented and gorgeous and diverse. It was truly an honor above all else! Thank you to Sizzle Dizzle & Lefty Lucy for having me. I'd love to go back!

I felt SO good and I actually am enjoying watching it again.
Not sure how this quality is, if I get a better version I'll switch em out. Aaahhh I'm really excited! haha
Thank you to Franny Fluffer for this video <3 and my awesome friend RP for filming us!

Oh man, there's the thong and all ha! sorry to those of you who do NOT enjoy this. Your problem, not mine

So we've just had a whole bunch of snow again, all week I've been staying in and embellishing costumes for new acts. Additionally I have a photo shoot tomorrow to get some new portraits done with Melanie McLean! We went to college together but because of facebook got in better touch. She actually came out to Drive Thru and we finally got to chat then! You can check out her work here!

So I mentioned going to see a place this past Monday. I did and the date is finalized!! Saturday, March 19 I will be producing my first show at Full Cup in Staten Island (more info about the place is here). Things are still being sorted out but at this very second, including myself there will be 10 performers and am shutting the door on anymore. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

I've got my host locked in and raffles are being made!
Still waiting to hear back from a rockabilly band that will make the night that much better. I am feeling so proud and flattered that these people are even interested. So far, so good and I think this will be the best place and time to give my first go at making such an event happen. I know I've produced other things but this will be my biggest and most personal  project so far!
Stay tuned! Once everything is finalized I'll share the cast info...

Saturday, March 19, 10p
Full Cup, Staten Island
$10 at the door
Hope to see you gorgeous people there!

Ciao for now,

PS:  A picture of me from that same Friday night. I was reluctant to post but now I love it and am in all my glory ha! Thanks again for reading..XoXo

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