Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Totally Self Defeated!

Booooo! Unfortunately The Big Girlie Holiday shows were cancelled. The venue wanted a certain amount of pre-sale tickets and we did not hit the mark. Although I was bummed about it, it may have been a blessing in disguise. I wasn't feeling well and met my goal of getting into bed before 10pm every night that I was able to.  I was excited to perform with The Glamazons again and at a venue I hadn't before but what can we do? I believe it can only mean there are bigger things ahead for all of us!

I am also secretly happy because I was terrified to do my fan dance. I would rehearse and feel ok then rehearse 2 days later and feel awkward and embarrassed. I need to practice more but I'm putting it off out of fear. I'm now having anxiety over how small they are (even though they're really not) and because they're just not as fancy, I guess, as most have.  I'm still really proud of them and am trying to figure out the best routine and costume to use them with. As for now my Blue Christmas act is just a tweaked version of I Don't Hurt Anymore.

I DID get to perform in a holiday show Saturday night. It was an amazingly successful benefit show for House of Loveness. An extremely tiny, wonderful and young foundation whose creator I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and chatting with. The turnout was impressive (to me anyway!) under a $35 ticket price, the raffles were SO awesome, and the silent auction of Luma Rouge sketches was a hit! I have to admit that everyone was extremely complimentary and I feel like the audience reactions during my act were super great. Kinda like what you want to hear and see every time you perform. I felt like a million bucks afterward!

Up next and what seems to be my last show of 2011 - UNLESS this New Year's Eve gig comes through (which would be amazing and the most pay I would see yet!) - is Mr. Choade's Upstairs/Downstairs Holiday Edition! Hooray! Performing with the slipper room in exile - HOW COOL!? I didn't get to see the old Slipper Room but when it reopens I will feel like a completely different person walking into it! Am really excited for Thursday and feeling much more confident now that I'm not pressuring myself into the fan dancing. I'd prefer a quality act I feel good about than ruining an age-old art!

 Well, I hope you have a fab week and wonderful holiday season! Thanks for checking in and I hope to see some of you Thursday night!

Ciao for now,


Oh! And don't forget to mark your 2012 calendars with 
two MEAT MY FRIENDS dates: 
January 7 - Full Cup, Staten Island
February 11 - Angels & Kings, NYC (HOLY SHIT!)

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