Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Can't Freakin Win Sometimes

I'm so over people that get territorial and even rude when it comes to accepting others as part of a certain "scene" or group or whatever. Does that even make sense? haha What I mean is along the lines of telling someone they're shirt isn't pink enough to be in the pink shirt club. Get it?

This thought came up a few weeks ago when I attended a plus sized event for Fashion's Night Out: Plus Night Out. At first I was going to go by myself as I would know a few people there. And as unsettling as going places by yourself can be, I told myself a year ago that I would start being more confident in attending events or shows etc..that I wanted to even if it meant walking in alone (and looking awesome as hell doing it). Before I knew it though, my girl Brassy was interested in going too!!

Anyway, I was explaining to her that big girl events make me extra intimidated to attend alone because I always get the "girl, you ain't plus size" crap. The "you're not quite big enough for this posse" comment. So not only are big girls pinning themselves against little girls, they're also pinning themselves against smaller big girls. What the fuck? I know this always stems from some sort of self consciousness and happens in all sorts of circles but I'm just so turned off by it. I find it unappealing and it's essentially moving things in a backward direction rather than forward. 

I thought about this again on Saturday while I was in Long Island at yet another AMAZING festival that I emcee. This one happened to be extra good too for some reason. Everyone seemed in such a better mood than usual and really in it for the long haul. There were a lot of vendors, food, classic custom cars, people dressed up, 10 bands and even legendary band The Rockats stopped by for their 1st set in NY since 1984 (I think ha!). SO GREAT!

Out there I always host the pinup contest and this time I assisted in the first Greaser Guy one too. Usually I try to go around and chat with the party people and ask for question ideas to ask contestants. While I approached a group that looked like no joke (I'll admit I was nervous haha) one of the women, maintaining her furrowed brow and non-smiling face said to ask questions along the lines of "are they a real greaser or just a weekender?" then puffed her cigarette. I smiled and said something sort of implying that she was a bit too serious for my taste and walked away.

I could care less if someone is a weekender or a day-to-day anything. If you enjoy something fuckin enjoy it and don't let other people grill you over it. Frankly, I wish I curled my hair every day but I don't, I'm a weekender pinup and it even depends on the weekend. Call me lazy, a fake, whatever it is that helps you sleep at night, but while you're at it you can also kiss my ass.  I don't bother you about not being enough XYandZ so what the hell do you care what anybody else is. I won't get defensive I'll get real if you want to get into it.  People are so corny...get over yourselves.

I leave for LA tomorrow!! It's turning out to be an all work, no play trip but whatever. I'll take a few hours in the air and some time to myself for a few days. I'm not complaining. I'll also take a trip to the Bettie Page store on Hollywood Blvd. no biggie haha I REALLY wanted to check out my girl's new Pinup Girl Clothing store in Burbank but alas I will not have time...booooo! If only LA was a little more like NY in walking city type of way...*sigh

COMING UP: MEAT MY FRIENDS: My birthday show at Full Cup in Staten Island!!
Woohooo - some live music might be added to the roster, you'll have keep in the loop to find out!!
I hope you're all doing well. I for one have been enjoying this transition to Fall weather! I love summer but wish I could wear my fall clothes. Does that make sense? Stockings, jean jackets, and cuffed jeans here I come!

Ciao for now,


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