Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So what now?

I went to LA, I turned 29, Meat My Friends is over...

LA ruled, being 29 is fantastic, Meat My Friends was a phenom show (IT WAS AMAZING!! Shout outs to  Evelyn Vinyl, Francine, Foxy Vermouth & Dottie Dynamo. ALSO I had a childhood friend from the band Airplane Noise play some tunes to start the night and it was perfect). My friends showed up from NJ and that is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a great feeling and the audience in general was an enthusiastic group of people as usual. Producing a show is always the fuel I need to keep going.

Soooo, what now?
I applied to a few jobs & castings, my mom hooked me up with some awesome finds from Torrid (I get 95% of my jeans there), AND I'm working on a few productions (PHILLY, WE'RE COMING FOR YA!).  Now that some things have settled, I'm looking forward to having more time - thanks to 1 less job, no thanks to less money - to focus creatively and really push myself to be an entertainer. I've been toying with joke writing although I don't seem to be good at it. What I MUST train myself to do though, is write everything down. Like most people I'll have a light bulb moment and then before I know it, it's gone! Dust! Mental dust.

I read Joan River's latest book I Hate Everyone...Starting with Me and got so inspired (I've yet to see the documentary but I'm getting my copy soon). She is so raw & fearless in her comedy. Insult comic extraordinaire. No one is safe in that book! My fave rant of hers? Short and sweet:

I hate narcissists. They never talk about me.

On that note I'm outta here! I'm feeling inclined to talk about lazy people with preachy, big ideas. An object at rest stays at rest, freak!

Ciao for now,