Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The answer I didn't want to hear, but...

I was the one who asked: "Did you break up with her or did she..."
"She broke up with me. I didn't wanna end it."
 Well that's annoying to know.

It's weird, because him and I are just friends and frankly I hadn't seen him - only in short passing - for months but no girl ever wants to wonder if he's wishing it was another lying next to him. He might. And that's ok. I've been guilty of the same feeling, we're only human. I shoulda just kept my curiosity to myself.

I really needed what I got. I hadn't been with anyone in sometime even if only for some physical affection. It's a great feeling when someone can't keep their hands off of you in any respect. Everybody needs doses of the good stuff!

I had a work filled weekend, but then my friend's band from NJ played on Sunday. You should check out The Sirs if you get a chance. Their new album just came out. Not my preferred sound of music but they're great!

This will be my last week with pink hair for now. Platinum blonde I'm coming back for you baby!!!

Ciao for now,


PS: The humidity can die, but I'll take the heat!

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  1. Post-shower elaboration:
    I want to clarify that this dude did not once make me feel as if I should be someone else. In fact, I felt better about myself than I had in a while.
    Feeling authentic was only challenged by my own inquiry. I'm not feeling different about the experience but there were sometimes yesterday I felt the wave of "story of my life" wash over me. I'm really good at being self defeating when I'm PMSing.