Monday, November 15, 2010

Brave Women Are So Inspiring!

Class 2: Bring an item of street clothing to strip off.
Street clothing is any piece of clothing that's not intended to be stage stripped. No secret snaps, easy zipper pulls, velcro etc..

I felt totally lame and uncreative when all I brought was a zip-up top (totally sexy off the shoulder fitted zip up but none-the-less a plain old zip up).  I should have known better!! Never underestimate the teachings of the SOB! All I needed was a zipper, sexy music, and good timing peppered with some tease!
SO MUCH FUN! Taught by Darlinda Just Darlinda (read up & 'like' her here), it was the first time we had to do a mini performance for the class. We stood up one-by-one and depending on the item, DJD would set up a little scenario/character/emotion and then shared little tips on how to work our specific piece of clothing.  I think the girl with skinny jeans was my favorite. It was comical and so damn cute to watch. You felt for the sweet little girl needing help with her jeans. Oh! I also liked the naughty librarian with a button up top and a simple, so good.

I loved this exercise because it taught us little tricks that are so simple but can keep an audience hanging on your every move. Ugh, I can't get over how amazing it was and how courageous my fellow classmates are!  It was incredibly moving to see even the shyest of girls thrusting their hips wearing huge smiles. I keep my fingers crossed they perform - even if only for someone special at home!
Before the stripping, we went over "isolations". DJD schooled us on how each part of our body is uber sexy with just a little extra attention. I've always sorta felt this way though. I think the body is so gorgeous and little parts like necks and lower backs are to die for...but even more so now.  A shoulder is NOT just a shoulder anymore...yum! I don't remember what is  in store for next week..but I pray it's chair dancing!
My favorite part(s): Actually getting up in front of everyone and getting some practice while eyes were watching.
The hardest part(s): I couldn't seem to get this side-to-side rib cage move down!
What I learned: Take your time working each little button, zipper or pulling off of your costume. The anticipation of skin showing is painfully hot!

 I said it last week and I'll keep saying it: next Sunday cannot come soon enough!

Ciao for now,

Announcements: Some exciting things to share!
Dec 10 9p-11p $15
Student Showcase: where us newbies strut our stuff for the first time!
Coney Island, Sideshows by the Seashore
Dec 11 4pVIP/5pmREG-10p $25VIP/$20REG
Although I won't be performing, I'll be a "Special Guest" - hooray! Come enjoy some new cocktails & good company.
Brooklyn, The Green Building

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  1. I like the title of this post, it grabbed my attention. I was laughing at the part where you talk about how you always thought certain parts of the body are so gorgeous (like a shoulder).So true (and you have always made comments on random body parts of people LOL). :)