Thursday, November 11, 2010

If Reality TV Comes Knocking

Sometime in the early summer I was contacted by a photographer, David Kimelman (whose website you can see here), who had seen my profile on and was doing a project using other people he had contacted on there as well. He was interested in photographing those on the site and knowing more about their story...why they were interested in doing reality TV work. He said that my answer seemed to be the overall consensus:
I wanna be paid to be myself.
He recently emailed and asked if I could answer a few questions because he is looking to publish his images and/or share them in a gallery but wanted some text with his shots.

Frankly, I couldn't care less for the pictures he took but that's my problem not his. My hair was flat and so were my shoes. Whatevs!

Below are the questions. I was a bit impulsive in my replies so I've corrected grammatical errors and added words that I mistakenly forgot.

1.What reality television show or shows would you like to be cast on?
On certain nights, I'd think about going on a weight loss show. 2 birds - 1 stone. Lose weight and get my face on TV while sharing my dreams. And America's Next Top Model because I'd love to learn more about modeling/fashion but I'm pretty sure that I'm too short & wide simultaneously ha!

2.Why do you think you would be good on that show or shows?
Because I'm in need a boost for both of those things [weight loss & my face on TV]. Not necessarily losing weight but just looking better naked. And for some reason following my dreams is extremely terrifying. Pursuing anything in show business is scary. You put EVERYTHING on display: physically, mentally, & emotionally.

3.Would you like to have a reality television show made about your life? If yes, what would we see in that show?
Yes! Currently I'd love to have a camera following me while I pursue Burlesque and pinup modeling - 1) burlesque is reemerging in a huge way in NYC and I'm happy to be in the middle of it 2) pinup modeling isn't the standard -obviously - and I think people would love to watch/learn about retro pop culture. Every woman has a secret dream of being a pinup 3) I am plus sized. I think this would challenge a lot of the way people think. In some opinions, I probably shouldn't be parading around on stage half naked because I might show a couple belly rolls when I do a certain dance move. They can suck it!
4. How do you think your life would change if you were cast on a show?
I'd keep my fingers crossed that it'd get better! (I don't think it could get worse, I've got nothing to lose right now) Frankly I'd get a small paycheck to pay rent for a few months so that'd be nice and I'm sure I'd get to meet a lot more people in the pinup & burlesque communities than I already am. At the end of the day I just wanna make a career out of posing in REALLY cute/sexy/fun clothes or lack there of ;)

Ciao for now,


  1. i live for your new blog posts!! oh my god, if you ever got on tv, i would watch the crap out of you!!

  2. leah, you're my biggest fan, thanks girl haha xoxo