Monday, November 8, 2010

Hi, My name is Tina Tassels

Today I had my first class!! It felt nothing short of amazing! I haven‘t done anything like this in years and it was great to be in a performance group again.

Before I share anything else, I must get this out of my system:
Of course I was scared but after awhile I couldn't help but think "God, I look so great without a top on!"

Ok, so there were 8 of us which was perfect. I was scared that the class would be much bigger. Having it smaller definitely makes me feel like Jo Boobs was only teaching me. (Love her btw, I will say this over and over again). We have a gorgeous class filled with awesome girls ranging in experience and body type. Shy girl* was there because the final straw was when her boyfriend said “you’d never do something like that”. I’m so glad she‘s here.  There were some girls like me just dying to get back into some sort of dancing and performing and obviously this fire inside longing to um…strip, I guess?! The first girl I met, Bucharest*, was there even earlier than me and had smoked just as many cigarettes in her nervous anticipation.  She was a doll and I’m sure it will ease both our families when we say “I met a Romanian girl there!”
We learned an entire classic routine set to an oldie-but-goodie big band burlesque song. From caressing our boas, to sampling some cleavage play, peeling our gloves from the floor up, and finally “shakin our titties” - that’s how my brother would put it. We also flirted with our hips, learning a few different bump -n- grinds.
When it came to tassel twirling we learned 5+ ways. It was super fantastic that after an hour of class we were taking off our tops and bras and putting on pasties, some for the first time. How brave! I will not lie, I was terrified at first. I am the biggest girl in the class with I’m pretty sure the heaviest set of twins (I mean boobs btw for you prudes out there). After about 5mins of jitters I had to shake myself out of it because we were learning how to mind fuck the audience by just playing with our bra straps. Holy Cow! I loved a particular move involving my right hand, the left strap, and sliding it off while your entire body sorta melts down. (I don’t wanna give too much away so this is vague!)
Back to twirling, it was great to try different moves and figure out which was best suited to your body. Not everyone can twirl the same way, but everyone CAN find their perfect move!
My favorite part(s): I loved playing with the boas and my bra the most today.
The hardest part(s): Not looking down while twirling. Have faith in your boobies and soak in that audience!
What I learned: Standing still and making tiny moves is just as, if not more, powerful than trying something bigger and bolder. I also think it’s much harder for me and I am looking forward to exploring this calmer side more!

Today could not have been a better first class and next Sunday cannot come soon enough!

Ciao for now,

*I’ve obviously given nicknames to my fellow students and totally love it.
**And I've also shared these pictures with you from Google searches. Hooray for the interweb!


  1. I am so excited about your classes and reading about them. Although I cannot imagine you as being terrified of anything. How funny is it that you are taking this class with a romanian girl? I tried to comment on your first post (and thought I did, but it didn't post) that you inspire me and I think what you're doing is really important. We need to be proud of our bodies always (not just when we are a size 6). So thanks so much for being yourself! Love you girl!

  2. Us eastern euro country folk just wanna be naked while drinking our well water and milking our cows!