Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Research is Sexier Than Yours!

Phew! I am exhausted.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much boobage -that wasn‘t my own- in my life! Last night I finished my end of 2010 Burlesque Research Binge! (Although I’m now thinking I might see a couple more shows post-xmas, pre-new year!)

My first Burlesque-esque (ha!) activity was Bikini Boot camp (BBB) on Wednesday night. It was SO much fun. I wanted to dress up but I was running late in the morning to work so I just grabbed leggings and some heels. Yes, heels for an exercise class. Usually the first half hour is an aerobic workout and the second half we learn a cute little routine. The overall goal while doing the dance is to love yourself and your body “as it is right now”. I loved hearing that. It makes the fitness part truly feel like it’s about health and not merely a get-thin goal. So I ended up wearing my heels most of the class. It was actually great and made my workout a lot harder sometimes. For my sassiness, I won some OPI Nail Polishes that were released to promote the Burlesque movie. Hooray for Cher & Xtina! Booo for a movie whose name is misleading!
Come Friday, I started my burlyQ weekend. I had emailed Lefty Lucy (as advised by Jo Boobs) about performing in her monthly show Drive-Thru Burlesque. Produced by Lefty and Sizzle Dizzle, they always love letting new graduates from NYSB perform. I also added that’d I’d be at the show on Friday to check it out. The next day the girls wrote and asked if I’d like to work the door … um, duh I would!

So I wore my newest corset, under my newest dress and headed out the door. It’s held at the Parkside Lounge, which I had never been too but heard it was awesome. It is in fact, this great little rock bar that has this secretly cool back room with a stage and tables. SO CUTE! I loved it the second I walked in. The show is great and works as a 3-parter. For $10, you really get 3 shows, over a span of 5hrs!

Saturday morning I reluctantly headed to BBB again, I met Charlie Gun & MK there. I have to admit how proud of myself I was for actually going. I did have to slap myself in the face and say “Tina, get up lazy & go!” Not to say I’m some totally transformed being, but an older version of Tina would have pressed snooze and pretended to over sleep. That night I took myself to a free show at the Toro Lounge. Produced by my fave gal Calamity Chang (I‘m turning her into my friend because I just love talking to her!), Tails & Feathers made it’s second stop at this venue. The place was really beautiful and glamorous like most sexy NYC hotel lounges. My $13 rum & coke, helped me keep my 1-drink-only promise to myself because I was meeting friends afterward. My fellow graduate Sincerely Yours met me there! It was the first time I saw Clams Casino perform and the first time I heard Shelly the Singing Siren. There was a great diverse crowd that, in my opinion, weren’t too schooled in burlesque which is always exciting to see how people react. No one screamed anything in appropriate (I don’t think) and I’m confident to say people tipped fairly well!

Ugh, Sunday, I was so ready to curl up in bed and say “forget it!” I got in the shower, put lipstick on my lips, and headed out the door for a $10 show I will never forget. The Sunday Show, after 2 years, was on it’s last night. With an “American Dream” theme, we celebrated the holidays with an amazing span of performers. I finally saw some fire eating by the sexily stripped down Coco La Pearl, a glowing hula hoop act by Justina Flash who also stripped while hula-ing? Hooping? I dunno. Also I got to see Legs Malone and her 34 ½” inseam do a classic number. My girl Calamity was there again and I finally got to enjoy her, not-to-be-missed Asian Hooker act. Google it. I can’t even talk about how much fun it is. Of all the acts my favorite new-to-me performer was Grace Gotham. I fell in love with her face and the sweet & simple tassel twirling act she did!! Before I wrap this up, I have to express my deep, newfound envy of & love for Kiki Valentine. She was the MC and producer of the show. She was so on point and adorable and hilarious and spontaneous and just the kind of stage presence/host you want have & be. In love.

Oh! Also I won an It’s a Little Hat by Little Stormy - YES! My second custom hat by her! It carried the show’s theme with a picket fence and red Volvo…ha!

I wrapped my exhausting but wonderful weekend up with Monday night’s free show, Original Cyn Burlesque in my very own neighborhood, thank god, at Lucky 13 Saloon!

I’ve been dying to check this bar out and when I heard there was a show held there I was pumped to see both! I met one of the producers, Joe the Shark, at Drive-Thru on Friday and told him I definitely wouldn’t miss it. The less-than-a-stage and more like a platform area was perfect. I loved the dingy, dark, metal bar that also had a pole on the corner of the counter top. I drank a coca-cola, sans rum, for $2 and put $5 in the tip bucket. Got to see a new friend, Franny Fluffer, perform along with Stormy Leather (best name ever!). It was Rosie 151’s birthday and send off performance. I have to say, her body was amazing. She was probably 1 or 2 sizes smaller than me but her stomach was flat and cute and her thighs looked smooth as silk. How does she do it?! I really couldn’t keep my eyes off of her none-existent belly, Yowza! My favorite act was co-producer, Mary Cyn’s, Grinch who stole xmas & my clothes performance! On the bar top she struggled with the “Grinch” (a guy dressed up haha) as he took her presents, teddy bear & eventually her gift box bow pasties. I think the bar let out an “OOHHHH” as the bows were ripped off her nipples. Ouch. Ha!

Omg. This is so long. I hope it was as fun to read as it was for me to recount my weekend. It was worth the energy, time, and money. Going to shows is a great way to obviously show face and introduce yourself to performers and producers and even more importantly, to see the different venues you could possibly perform in. I saw 4 different ones and all 4 I had never been to. Wow, I actually just realized that, so cool! I love calling it research because in fact it is. The more performers you see the more you can start to form your identity in the community. Knowing what’s available or seeing which acts inspire you, or even classic moves that you can make your own. I thoroughly enjoyed every show because they were all very different and new to me. If you’re interested in seeing a show, I try to promote them as much as I can on my FB page even if I myself cannot make them.

I hope in the new year I’ll be able to write about performing in some of these particular shows & venues. We’ll see what happens!

I hope you all have a gorgeous & fulfilling holiday season and I wish you happiness, health, & success.

Ciao for now,

PS: How much do you love these names? I love telling my roommates stories because it sounds like I'm high and living in a cartoon, but on the contrary good friends, THIS IS REAL LIFE AND I LOVE IT!

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