Monday, January 10, 2011

Love that Sunny West Coast!

At this point in my life I’ve been to Los Angeles 3x. I still can’t get over it. For years I’ve dreamed of coming out here and now I feel like a semi-pro. To make the trips better I’ve been fortunate to be working while there. I get to make a bit of money AND enjoy the sun, leaving dirty snow in NYC.

This trip was by far the best! Our shoot went really well, it was a blast to see our crew again, and I hit the town to finally enjoy time with my  few friends living there.

*Fuck Turbulence - taking a 5 minute break - I’m in the sky btw.

Usually I give myself only enough time for work. I have dinner & a few drinks at the end of the day but afterward call it a night. I know if I am to stay longer I will spend much more money so I hop a plane right back to NY and keep some dough in my pockets. This time I said FTW and stayed the weekend through!

My 1st adventure was meant to be a burlesque show - would have been my first on the west coast - at The Edison in downtown LA. A friend of mine, LN (whom I’ve actually only met once before at the Dude Ranch - we have a mutual friend), knew I’d love this place. I was speechless when I walked in. The Edison is a renovated petroleum factory that still houses old generators & coal oven filled brick walls. It is a beautiful speak-easy in feeling not so much in size sort of place. In addition to the smoking room, dark wood & candle lights and the 3 story staircase that overlooks the entire place; a 5-foot high stage with neon lights made way for the entertainment.  Unfortunately, the weekly show must have been put on hold because instead we were graced with a Motown band (Vintage Trouble - I hate this name because it sounds too cover bandish) that sang all originals.  My mouth was probably open the entire time because I truly believe I found heaven on earth.  Repeatedly I pinched myself because it felt like we were on a movie set, but no - the venue, the band, the well dressed crowd and the gin &tonics were very real!!  Thanks to LN & an old college classmate, CF, I had a wonderful night catching up with an awesome soundtrack playing in the background! It was as if Sam Cooke came to life and was playing a private set for us. *sigh

My friend & boss-man, AD, is usually my pilot during these trips so I tend to hang on his old stomping grounds: Los Feliz & West Hollywood. Naturally I’ve developed a love for these hoods.

NOTE: If you ever find yourself hungry &/or thirsty in WeHo, please go to Saint Felix on Santa Monica Blvd. You’re welcome in advance *wink

The weekend was extra special because two of my friends from NJ happened to be in San Diego so they drove up for the weekend! SM and her husband had never been to LA so I was super happy to show them around Hollywood!  I took them down specific streets as to get a perfect view of the famous Hollywood sign atop the hills. The first time I saw it I flipped!  We also went to check out Grauman’s Chinese Theater where the walk of fame with the cemented hands and footprints are.  The first time I went there I started crying. I really had to take a moment and enjoy that overwhelming feeling of actually being in Hollywood, CA. Some people might laugh at me for that, but I have faith others totally get it.  It’s not only about Hollywood, it’s about me and my dreams from a young age!

 Down Hollywood Blvd. a bit, sits the new Bettie Page Store. I was in heaven obviously. Not many stores in NY carry the brand and if they do, their sizes are usually limited to XS-LG.  This shop was filled with lots of the brands I indulge in on Pinup Girl Clothing and it had sizes up to 3X!  Also the sale racks were filled with the cutest shit ever. I ended up leaving with a new dress & cardigan. Can’t wait to go back!

So earlier in the day, before the San Diego peeps came up, I went to brunch with another old college friend, DG, whose been living out here for almost 2 years now. In addition to Grad School she is pursuing dance and is totally phenom!!  After brunch, us & the 2 friends we were with (one also visiting from NYC - a musical theater major whom I CANNOT wait to see in action) went roaming around town. While the car was getting washed we ran across the street to TRASHY LINGERIE!!! I paid the $2 for my club card and brought DG in as my guest - HA!  She tried on a corset for the first time and fell in love - obviously! I ended up leaving with 2 high-waist retro “panties” haha funny word but it’s cuter than underwear, blah!

So later that night ALL of us met back up at Hamburger Mary’s where yet another dear friend from NJ works!  There happened to be a drag & burlesque show so I was definitely not going to miss this!
We joked that we had a mellow night of nachos, blue moons, and a stripping cookie monster haha! The costumes at this show were just so perfect…I was mad jelly. None of them were classic acts and most were Disney themed. There was a Snow White, the witch from sleeping beauty (fudge, I’m forgetting her name this second), a Cheshire cat, Cookie Monster, and some Reba drag! Gorgeous women, getting nekkid with an awesome crowd filled with birthdays & bachelorettes - the perfect way to spend my last Saturday night in town!

OK - so I’m hours away from landing in NY and I have my first official show booked for THIS Friday, January 14 at the Parkside Lounge!! (Check out the facebook invite here) I cannot believe it! I’m debuting a new act and am feeling confident though and especially honored because the lineup is crazy hot & talented!  I think it was 2 blogs ago that I mentioned working the door at Drive Thru Burlesque (produced by Lefty Lucy & Sizzle Dizzle) and now I’m in the first show of the year! Part of the Early Bird Special, the show starts at 8p and last til 1a!  For $10 you get 3 shows in a row, all with a different flava and performers. You don’t wanna miss this one in particular!

I’m remembering from  the Burlesque Handbook, the chapter on creating a routine, one of-if not the first- question was something along the lines of: Is your act more music, costume/theme, or dance centered?  I jumped to answer music, then theme, then dance…obviously I had no clue and found it hard to answer with out really diving into it yet. Being a Libra I, undecided, answered “all of them!” I was sorta right but now I know for sure that in addition to the stripping I really love the theatrics. I guess I’m not really surprised either. I also remember Gal Friday saying a lot of acts just starting out are prop/theme heavy because it alleviates the pressure and attention from your body and the stripping.  For me I’ve realized I just love it all. I want the attention, the power, and the fun of performing all in one. I wanna own the audience both physically and mentally - yowza!

Time to sign off and relax a bit before we land. I am supposed to be going to Hundredaire Matchmaker tonight - a Brooklyn based, live dating event - one of my friends is sick though and the other hasn’t confirmed she’s still going. I don’t really want to go alone but I’ll see how I’m feeling! This was one of the first things I committed to for the new year I would hate to miss it and beat myself up over it later.

As always thanks for tuning in and for the continued support! XoXo.

Ciao for now,

PS: I will be posting my final-product pictures from my Justin Borucki shoot (website) on my FB page. Also I’m waiting to hear back about a private Valentine’s day event - how fun!? Aaaannd there might be a music video appearance in the near future. OMG! I love my life.

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  1. 1-The host of Hamburger Mary's show was the the awesome Calpernia Addams!! Look her up.

    2-Not going to the event. No one confirmed in time and I got home much later than I thought I would. booooo! I emailed though to make up for my absence and said to forward anyone interested in dating me ha!