Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bare Legs? Bare Legs!

So it happened. Friday night. I did NOT wear any sort of stockings on stage and no heels (or shoes for that matter). Prepping for it was a breeze, I didn't even think twice! The TIME'S UP: Love Your Lanes Valentine's Dance Party/show was GREAT but seeing pics I'm not feeling so good about it now. I know heels always make a woman's legs look better and on stage they're even more important but for my most current act I felt bare feet went with the theme a bit more. Looking back now though, I should have at least worn heels. The main reason I didn't wear them was because practicing the movements I wanted to do were tougher with heels and imaging my jitters on stage just made the idea of having balance in front of an audience impossible. Must. Work. On. It. Here's a picture by a party goer :)

The stage was different than most others, it was 2 tiers which for my performance was fun to play with. The pictures are a bit unflattering because of how close the audience was and their POV. Whatevs! The night was a blast, all the performers were so amazing to share the stage with and the party-goers were so inviting and accepting, I felt like they were giving me a hug while on stage. Overall a good time and an honor to be a part of it!
*Here we are watching someone perform! If you don't know, sexy Miss Pacman is Iris Explosion and that fine, neon, feathered mama is Darlinda Just Darlinda!

The weekend came and went like usual. I had the worst cramps ever, so I sat home with a bottle of red and enjoyed some me time.

Then came Monday, Valentine's Day. I'm single and try to enjoy it but even if I didn't I could careless about the holiday. I know most of my single friends freak out and "hate" V-day. Frankly, I think they're being dramatic. Wake up, go to work, make yourself dinner, watch your normal tv shows and call it a day. That's it. That aside, I hope you had a lovely day and if you are with someone or someoneS (hey it's 2011!) I wish that you had a wonderful, romantic night. Although my brother gets credit for saying it best: Make sure you kiss your girlfriend today, and your wife too! (That's my brother after he split his stupid face open while surfing! Surfboard -1, Georgie -0)

Unlike those sad puppies that stayed home crying, I took my ass to Beatles' Burlesque at Public Assembly, Calamity's monthly show (I know I've mentioned it before) and it was a blast! Two girls that are fellow recent NYSB grads made their debut! One as the sacrificial lamb and one as a go-go dancer/stage manager. It was SO much fun as usual. It was my first time seeing this back room/stage and it was perfect! I highly recommend catching at least one of the shows if you can. NYC's Beatles cover band Ticket To Ride, ups the entertainment ante!

This week I'm prepping for Sunday night's The Kiki Valentine Show! It's my first time working with her and I cannot wait! There's no better sound than live jazz...
Come out and see us at Ella Lounge 8:30p doors, 9p show! You can get all the info here and performer bios here. I hope to see at least some of you there because there's no telling what's gonna happen!! Oh, and Monday is President's Day, some of you will have off from work, hooray!

Thanks again for stopping by.

Ciao for now,

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