Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Know Him Is to Love Him

And by "him" I mean YOURSELF! 

I wanted to write a bit about how important it is to surround yourself with people that inspire you. People that are not just following dreams but living them - no they're not the same. People can follow for years and still tip-toe around what they truly want to be doing, believe me, it's the story of my life!! I'm not here to say it's super easy, though it's easier than you imagine...

This past Sunday, I was part of The Kiki Valentine Show.  I was surrounded by a cast in which every person could not have been more different and amazing in their own way.  The musicians were jaw dropping and the funnest fact about them is that they had never played together as one. I was truly in the presence of genius talent.  With every wail on the trumpet and pluck on the upright bass, I was shaking my head in disbelief that this was my life right then and there.

I don't know if I'm supposed to say it, but I messed up my ending. I missed a cue in the music and rushed to get my bra off HA! A guy friend of mine joked, "any girl rushing to take her bra off is not a bad thing," thanks! I didn't end up adding a few funny bits as I had hoped but nerves and my overly sexified side took hold and had me wrap my leg around a guy's neck and had another sniff my filthy vagina glove. (I'm laughing so hard at "vagina glove")

I got to enjoy Butt Kapinsky again, whose work I truly admire. She is just hilarious, on spot and a CLOWN! I've always wanted to clown, especially after working for Slava's Snowshow a few years ago. The study and work behind it is so much more advanced than most people think. She's having a show on Friday, April 1st: The Butt Kapinsky Goodbye Show at Big Sky Works in Brooklyn. Details to come!

So to say the least, from arriving pre-show and soaking it all in post, I was proud to be at Ella Lounge that night. I get this feeling after all my shows but Sunday night hit me hard. I love NYC and these shows happening behind unsuspecting doors. I finally had the privilege of working with the ever-inspiring Kiki Valentine and hope to do it again over time. She never ceases to amuse, educate, and motivate me all at once! <3

I hope that you too see, feel and then DO something you truly love one day!
 That said, TONIGHT I will be working the door at The Pink Room - David Lynch Burlesque, the first show brought to you by Franny Fluffer! I have a feeling it's gonna be a packed house so come a bit early: 9:30p, $10, Parkside Lounge.  TOMORROW NIGHT I'll be part of the 7-8p Raw Talent portion of Jonny Porkpie's Bad Ideas presents The Legs Malone Show: WWJPD? $12, 7-10p, Bowery Poetry Club.


Have a great rest of your week & always enjoy the days!

Ciao for now,

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