Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Year Older, None the Wiser

That's totally a lie!
I'm feeling on top of my game (the game of life that is) I'm just lacking the physical resources (money) to bring what I want to life (musical theater with a twist). I'm really struggling financially. For how much I work I barely make enough to keep afloat in NYC. Additionally, I've got -what most would think- are poorly prioritized priorities. Ha! Does that make sense? Rent first, food next, cigarettes (yeah, I know, shut up) mixed in with coffee, shoes, dresses, tattoos, dining out, and then somehow I manage to get some bills paid on time. Whatevs, mind ya biz! hahah

Anyway...it's my Birthday! Hooray! I'm 28. Can you believe it? I can't. I don't stress much about age though, that's silly. It's only when I put my current life up against my friends' and family's living in the burbs. In NY I feel at ease, when I leave is when I feel judged and completely lacking. Last in line. I feel like NYC is the magnet for the 1 friend in a group that gets sucked here to live among fellow dream chasers. Dreamers are everywhere, it's the chasers that find one another...

I'm feeling a bit lonely (it's late on Monday/early Tuesday)..I should clarify: I wish I wasn't alone tonight. That aside...this my 3rd birthday in NY. I still pinch myself as a reminder that it IS MY REAL LIFE. I am living it. So crazy fucking cool. I've had an especially great year with all the people I've met and am constantly meeting, the opportunities being offered or even the ones I'm making for myself. I'm incredibly proud of how I continue to evolve and get closer and closer to the person I not only want to be, but know I truly am. I know that all this not-so-hard phase of hardships will pay itself off!

So far 28 is great (all 50mins of it haha!).
I'll continue keeping the faith in my big hips and my big dreams because after such a year, I've nothing left to lose!

Happy Tuesday cats & kittens!
Ciao for now,


PS: This Friday, 10/7 Hotel Chantelle Debut for Calamity Chang's Room 69...sizzle! Free show, 9pm sharp, gorgeous place come have a glass of wine with me!

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