Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Cake

My Mom and Grandmom came to visit on Monday and brought me lots o'stock for my fridge including almás aka in boring English "Apple Cake" my Gmom made. Grandmom is cool. She sincerely liked my apartment which made me feel good. So sweet. I also got some stuffed cabbage which I had no idea was coming so I'm psyched about that too hahaha I'm obviously super excited about the free home cooked food I was brought today...

In other news there is no news. I think the universe is on my side when it comes to maintaining a level of confidence and keeping my eye on the possibility of achieving goals.  Again, it took me years to get here but there's some higher power(s) definitely holding their hand out for me. I am grateful for the good signs and the unfortunate ones too.

Recently, there was a woman that I had never met - I've only admired her from afar due mainly to her hair, makeup and always vintage attire - and she passed away. Suddenly. At 31. I am tearful even writing this now.  In moments like this I am furious with the skies. I ask of you to please not wish the days away...life is short.

It's already Tuesday again. So crazy. This month as flown by and October is days away. The main reason for my Mom's visit was to bring me my freshly hemmed and pressed gown for Thursday night! It's the teaser party for The Ninth Annual NY Burlesque Festival. I am pumped to be a volunteer and will be helping out with performer check-ins and then wherever I am needed after that!

I have a couple of feelers out to produce some shows, stay tuned for the word on that.  Would be working with some new venues and people which is always exciting for me. *fingers crossed* Hopefully some thing gets confirmed soon.

I realize my post is lacking in exclamation points which is extremely not like me. I'm feeling very sensitive about life and it's no guarantee policy. I never live in fear but every now and then I get worried about the people around me. So sorry to poop on this party!

I hope you are feeling well and living life the way you want.

Ciao for now,


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