Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Here and Now

It has been a rough year for lots of you around me. Many have lost loved ones unexpectedly or came too close. I don’t know how the universe can make it any clearer that each day is incredibly precious. I know you all like to post quotes about “living for today” but how many of you really do it? How many of you are truly doing the things you love with the people you love around you? I never encourage anyone to be frivolous or irresponsible I only ask of you to self-reflect and realize how often you say “one day I will…” when reality is that TODAY is your day.

I’m devastated by news of a lost friend. She didn’t get the chance to wake up one last morning. And what a beautiful morning it was.

I am guilty of complaining, whining, wishing...but I keep faith and confidence in myself and the powers that may be I am on the road I’ve wanted to be on for so long. And God(s) forbid my days are numbered I don’t think I could be at a better place. I know I am rich with family, friends and I am living in a city some only dream of seeing.  I am thankful everyday and count my lucky stars. I’m struggling financially and some days mentally and emotionally but I would never trade it for anything in the world. I hope you can say the same and if not I dream for the moment you can.

I had a show last night which was the hardest one yet. I broke down moments before but I went out there with all I had.  I remind you on the regular that life is hard but I'd rather be living it . There is so much goodness to experience if you just allow yourself.  The hard times will pass and the rest will fall into place. Be good to yourselves...No day but today.

Sending you endless love,

PS: I plan on being at Nurse Bettie's on Thursday, 9:45p gogo, 10p free show!


  1. Together fran, meissa and i watched a few of your shows on you tube...we were amazed at your confidence tina...i know she would have loved last nights show as well<3

  2. <3 thanks for sharing Crystal! See you soon xo.