Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby, It's Not Even Cold Outside

But it's basically December already! The world is ending for sure. You can tell because the weather is all "flip flopped" ha! Halloween we had snow, on Thanksgiving there were suburban men wearing shorts. I like the warmer temps but I hear that's all about to change in the coming week. Corny.

Where has this awesome year gone? Who knows but it's not over just yet! I've got a lineup of shows that went from zero to a bajillion in a matter of 24 hours. (I tell you no lies...only sometimes ha!)
I'm super excited but also anxious of course because I'll be juggling it all between 2 jobs and switching my schedule around with coworkers, trying to make them happen in the least stressful way possible.
I have a few holiday shows (maybe more, just waiting to confirm) with only one act but I'm procrastinating getting it together. I'm nervous so I'm working against myself like an idiot. It's my first fan dance! With panel fans that I made myself. I just need to decorate the handles and I'll post a picture to my facebook page.  I'm feeling that embarrassment of cheap costume again. So pathetic. I'm not backing down from the shows but I'm extra frustrated right now!  Either way I know I'm gonna have a blast. I'm working with some new people in new venues and that to me is enough to make any anxiety simmer down!

I hope you had a great holiday I know I did! Got to see some family that I haven't in awhile, spent lots of time with my big brother and even snuck in a Colin Kane show in Philly! Was gonna go to Canada with my parents to visit some cousins but I also had a friend's baby shower that I didn't want to miss! It was a long, exhausting weekend but SO worth it.

So here's my current calendar (so far!) - I hope you can make a show or two, would love to see you!

Tuesday,  Nov 29 - door girl!
The Pink Room: The Best of David Lynch Burlesque
Parkside Lounge
9pm $15

Monday, Dec 5 - first time with this show and at this venue! Stellar Lineup too!
The Pussy Scratching Fox Show
Tammany Hall
9pm $10

Thursday, Dec 8 - back at it again! I don't know what act to do!? A new one isn't even close to being ready.
Spanking the Lower Eastside
Nurse Bettie
10p FREE

Tuesday, Dec 13 & Thursday, Dec 15 - playing with The Glamazons again!
The Big Girlie Holiday Show
The Triad NYC
9pm $15 (visit the Glamazon website for $5 discount code)

Saturday, Dec 17 - first time with this troupe and at this brand new venue!
Benefit show for House of Loveness with producers and dancers of the Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp school
The Ball NY
Further info TBA

...and exhale!
This is cray cray. It is almost 1 year since I hit the stage for the first time doing burlesque and I cannot be happier as to where I'm headed.

Meat My Friends is going back to Staten Island  Saturday, Jan 7, I'm hosting and performing in another show on Long Island on Saturday, Jan 21 and then Meat My Friends is making its Manhattan debut Saturday, Feb 11! Omg.

So wild.
Have a great week and keep chasing your dreams. You're not dead yet!

Ciao for now,

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