Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It Was That Kind of Week...

One of wearing stockings on stage. No bare legs. 2 shows, 4 costumes, all with fishnets. You can ask why, but I'm not really sure! Just wasn't into my thighs this week. It's so stupid because fishnet stockings do NOTHING for support or shape. I just felt better with them on...

Recap: Wednesday night I got to perform at Rodeo Bar for the first time! I love that bar/restaurant/staff/everything and you should too! Minnie D'Moocha hosts a monthly show Rockabilly Burlesque there with a live band and we had a blast! The turn out was a little small which in my opinion is because people are recovering from the holidays AND it was our first real cold, windy day. New Yorkers take cover in the winter and I can't pretend that I don't either!
Alas, I decided to challenge myself by doing a fast song. From the very beginning of starting to perform I thought I'd be this high energy, comedic performer and I've found my home in slow sensual classic teasing acts. Who woulda thought?! Anyway, from the band's list I picked "Do You Love Me" by The Contours. Yes, the Dirty Dancing song. It was SO hard for me and I felt like a fool. I am in constant awe of performers who are on the go every second of the song. I tried my best to actually dance (because I can!) but I was so self-conscious, feeling like "a fat girl dancing around" that it really held me back. Well, it's over now! I had fun but I don't see such fast music happening again anytime soon ha!
The second song I did and am currently working on parlaying into a new act is "Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny!!

*sigh* I KNOW! It's so amazing. I died and went to live music/performing heaven. This kind of music is what I feel I belong in the middle of. I felt like a star afterward!

Next up was the return to Staten Island of MEAT MY FRIENDS - my own production that is slowly finding a regular home. It was a success. I got to host extreme talent in the likes of Calamity Chang and Minnie Tonka. I was SO nervous. They are both so accomplished and big names in NY and even the USA! I look up to them and can only hope they enjoyed themselves because I know Staten Island LOVED them! I have to give a huge thank you to Full Cup again. Their staff is just SO good to us! And the audience in SI kills it every time. Thank you times a million to Evelyn Vinyl, Dottie Dynamo and Nick Williams too! Having them around is always calming. Such a great night, I'm still high from it! Met some great people and I'm pretty sure another show is in the works there! I also realized only the next day that it was actually the first entire show I hosted on my own. SCORE! I feel like Long Island didn't count for some reason but I guess it did. Whatever! I'm excited! I can't think straight! haha

Now I'm gearing up for the Manhattan debut of Meat My Friends. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL FOR ME!
Find me on Facebook (in the left column you can click on the TT Page) where you can find all info and the invite! It's a variety show...to say the least! Mark your calendars: Saturday, February 11 at Angels & Kings, $10 8p Doors

This week I'm trying to focus on a new act, confirming my cast members, and getting to work on the night's events! To unwind a bit I will be catching up with my friend Colin Kane at his monthly show at Gotham Comedy Club. Get a ticket and meet me there Thursday night! A show called Unzipped is not to be missed in my book.

Hope your first days in 2012 are going well. If you had a week of wearing stockings (figuratively) too, then keep your chin up with me...we've got a lot of year to go. I can't freakin wait!

Ciao for now,


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