Monday, January 2, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

I can't remember the last New Year's Eve I had without crying until now. Usually the clock strikes twelve; I kiss, hug, dance around for a few minutes and then always find the need to duck out of the crowd and shed some tears. I'm not sure it's only ever for one reason in particular, but its definitely always littered with loneliness sprinkled with fear then doused with some sort of alcohol, ya know, to really feel the burn. This year was not one of those years.

I walked onto stage with 2 other performers (Tansy & Pandora). We counted down the last minute until 2012, then joined the rest of the room in blowing horns, clinking glasses, and cheering on the Gods. I had no time to cry for I was filled with nothing but joy. The only tears that would have fallen would have been of incredible happiness, pride, and excitement for what still lies ahead.  I could not believe I was performing in NYC on NYE. A dream I've had since forever...

It was my first show at the gorgeous (and incredibly welcoming) restaurant/venue Cercle Rouge. We would dance with a live band (led by the insanely talented Jesse Gelber of Gelber & Manning) and improvise as we went along. I was terrified. The entire night would be new to me.  I also knew though, once I got the first of three sets done I would be supercharged! I went out there, gave it all I had, unzipped my new dress with every little ounce of goodness I had in my two fingers and basked in the elevated, a bove the crowd, middle of the room stage we had been given. Holy shit that felt so good - I think were my exact words.

The night went SO well. The audience was so kind to all of us performers and even thanked us for doing the show!  I think this NYE sealed the deal that everything is gonna be alright. I couldn't have been happier going home (fyi: via subway instead of wasting money on a cab) fed and only a couple glasses of champagne deep!

The most hilarious thing I had realized after the last set was that I placed my pastie too high on my boob so that I hadn't been covering my right nipple at all. Oopsies! That's definitely a sign of a happy new year hahaha!

Now I prep for Rockabilly Burlesque and the return of Meat My Friends to Staten Island!! Have a great week and swing by a show if you can!  Here's to another year of bitchin, moanin, and celebrating it all...

Ciao for now,


  1. Thanks girl!! Same to you xo Hold down the west coast until I can get back there!