Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Got the Write Stuff

So cheesy I know! Get over it.

Saturday night wrapped up another great Rockabilly festival out in Long Island. I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a pinup contest, performing and then hosting the burlesque portion of the night also. There were 4 rockin bands, swing dancing lessons and a contest, vendors, and a super great crowd. The snow didn't hold anyone back, it was an impressive turnout!  The people are so kind to us and gave us great feedback. A show goer came up to me asking, "Are you all professionals?" and I jokingly replied "We try to be!" he simply said "Excellent." and walked away. So cool.

Performing outside of the city is an entirely different experience. You travel to a town that has only a percentage of the entertainment options that the saturated venues of NYC have, so everyone is much more appreciative. Not that NYC crowds aren't great, but I think people become blase having so many opportunities to view different types of live shows.  Sad but true.  Wake up people, you live in the greatest city in the world!

Well I've been focused on writing more content for Pinup Girl Clothing's website. So far I've gotten great feedback for what I've submitted and I believe it will be posted beginning in February! Holy cow! I also submitted my interview materials to Pin Up Perfection Magazine. My first interview yet. My head is spinning with excitement.

So I finally posted a new video to youtube. I actually hate doing it but I think it's a good idea. I feel SO self conscious on video hence vlogging being a goal for 2012. I don't mind pictures, in fact I enjoy them. I was taught years ago by my father how important they are and I agree with him 100%.  The video isn't great either but whatevs. I hope my friends far away enjoy it at least! Here it is:


Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook and Twitter for updates about when my interview, and writes ups are posted. My rehearsals are now geared towards a new rockabilly show by Minnie D'Moocha at Rodeo bar Friday, February 3rd and obviously Meat My Friends Saturday, February 11th. For Meat My Friends, I've also been writing content to help guide the show. I can' freakin wait!

Have a great week, from my tassels to yours...

Ciao for now,

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