Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tunnel Vision

The number one thing I am SO grateful for after having moved to NYC is how much I enjoy meeting new people and learning more about them. I am endlessly fascinated and proud of the human race as a whole, with each and every one of their background stories, what they do for a living and what they still aspire to accomplish. I've always liked people but I'm really starting to LOVE and appreciate them more and more!

I knew in becoming a burlesque performer I would face some adversity. It's inevitable and I've accepted it. What I am totally over though, are people using a mere percentage of info about me to make quick assumptions.  I felt like discussing the issue after a comment left under my BexLife Interview/Chat Session. She didn't quite understand why a woman who takes off her clothing is apt to give young girls advice.  What I don't quite understand is how people (in this case women) are still, in 2012, so judgmental and close minded when it comes to someone from a different walk of life.  This woman doesn't know anything more about me and didn't seem curious either. Perhaps she would have considered that I'm an educated, former teacher and cheerleading coach, therefore having lots of experience working with young, impressionable girls.  I bit my tongue and replied in a very cheeky manner. No one deserves to get me on edge!  My point being is that part of our evolving as confident, independent women (or men) should include freeing ourselves from judgement. In this case particularly, I think a little self-reflection could have gone a long way.

That said, I had a really fun week!!! Last Tuesday with Tassels, I mentioned I was going on the radio show Jackie's Joke Hunt with Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling.  I ended up having a blast and am looking forward to getting back there because Jackie said I will be. Woot!! I feel like I could learn tons from him. I'm not much of a joke writer, in fact I'm really bad it but getting to chat freely and feel so uncensored is incomparable!
Saturday night, I treated myself to Swing 46 for Eddie Clendening's birthday celebration. Got to watch bands straight off Broadway from Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story & The Million Dollar Quartet. Couldn't have skipped watching the Oscars (DVRed em though!) for anything better. Made some new friends, new business is churning up, and enjoyed a glass of red.  Hangin with this same crew next Saturday at The Grand Victory in Williamsburg. Come!! I also hope to run into a guy I met on Sunday. If not, I plan on reaching out to him. Uh oh. Ha!

Have a great week, the weather has been pretty fantastic with a few shitty days in between, but overall it's been a stellar "winter". Just the way I like it! Thanks for stopping by...

Ciao for now,


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