Monday, February 20, 2012


On Saturday, I did a quick on camera interview with my old friend Bex Life! I am scared of camera stuff hence my avoidance of vlogging! Mainly concerned about my voice and obviously how I look, but it was quick and fun and will be posted on Friday, I believe as the intro to her new self-esteem series. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and her website to see when she decides to share it. I can't wait! Oh yeah, and subscribe to her ultra awesome YouTube page. It's where the magic happens.

Then on Tuesday (TODAY) I will be joining Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling on his radio show Jackie's Joke Hunt! Tune in at 7pm: Howard 101 on Sirius/XM radio...HOLY SHIT!! I am so amped. God only knows what we'll be chatting about but it's gonna be a blast. The other guest is a comedian/ventriloquist. When Jackie asked if I was available this day, I said I couldn't pass up meeting him and my first ventriloquist on the same day. Score!! I already warned my mom saying I'm probably gonna curse just be prepared. She went on to educate me on how the F-word doesn't belong anywhere near a woman's mouth. I told her she should probably avoid coming to a show at all costs then. Oopsies, your daughter's mouth is that of a whore!

Had a nice quick visit to NJ this past weekend. Visited with some old friends, made some bad decisions, and also did the cinnamon challenge. It was awful but I was laughing SO hard. My friends rule and sorta snapped me out of my funk. I wrote a post earlier in the week intended for today but it can be saved for a rainy Tues. My PMS was out of control for a couple of days and I could not stop being sad and crying over him. Whatevs. Today was much better and I don't feel the need to share. Writing it out, at least helped me get it off my chest! Phew.

Come visit me at the door for Francine's one year anniversary show!

Kittening for my fave girls The Sticky Situation at their Big Lebowski Tribute show. So excited to work with them again. They are great company and put on hilarious shows!

I have a super busy 7 days straight of work, all 3 jobs! I really need to do laundry. I need to buy some red fringe to compliment the ultra amazing shimmy belt I got on super sale from Pat Field's. I need to clean my apt. And I need to chill the fuck out and get organized. I'm already tired but SO excited for the days to come.

OH! By the way, Meat My Friends will be back March 24th at Angels & Kings. Pumped. New cast, New time, New adventures!

Ok, go have yourself a great week - sending you positive vibes!

Ciao for now,



  1. I <3 TINA! It's Bart lol...I'm dying to see you in a show, let me know when the next few are and I'll grab Mer and we'll come!

  2. Aww Bart! I love you toooo...shoot for Saturday, March 24 xo!