Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TwT > Vday

Well, well, well...looky here. Tuesday with Tassels has been overshadowed by Valentine's Day. Psshh, yeah right!

I haven't had a Valentine that wasn't my mother since 6th grade. No lie. Aside from dating a very small handful of guys throughout the years, I've been boyfriend free since then. RED FLAG!? I know, right. I'm not sure if I should admit this or not.  Maybe if and when I have a boyfriend I'll care more about Valentine's day but for now I appreciate the family & friends that give me love on the daily! I usually send V-day cards to my people but didn't get around to it this year. Boooo to me!!

So I wrapped up the first Manhattan showing of Meat My Friends. I feel confident that performers, audience members, and the venue were all happy with the night's results!  I had a blast and couldn't be happier. We had burlesque - 4 very different performers & acts, some shtick by Todd & Sarah Palin, a musician sang one of my fave songs ever "You Send Me" and a magician that made audience members dry heave. Um, yeah, you missed WAY out! Cannot wait to see pictures & video via Marisol!  Although I'm relishing in the fact that I've produced a show in NYC,  I'm already trying to figure out how to get the next one going!

Sunday night I watched the Grammys and was absolutely in love with all the young talent being honored - whether they won or not.  What I got over real quickly is everyone's posts about how the Grammys suck and that it doesn't showcase real music, pop music is garbage etc..etc...if you know anything about the music industry, or entertainment at all then you would appreciate the talent showcased and why certain albums/artists were nominated.  If you're in your 30s and hate Katy Perry, good, because she's not here for you. She's here for a young audience who happens to adore her. Think Nicki Minaj is crazy? She is, but she sold a hell of a lot of albums because there are millions of people that beg to differ and love to press play and enjoy her album (I am one of those millions. Huge fan of Pink Friday and a friend of mine was even on the album! Biggups to DJ JohnB! werk.).  Plain and simple: if you didn't like the show, why did you watch it just to share how miserable you felt about it? Corny. Get a life and perhaps a new remote so you can figure out how to change the channel next year. Thanks byeee!

Last night I took myself on a date to this month's The Pussy Scratching Fox Show. I love Stanqui and the crew he manages to round up. The set list was off the chain! The pole dancer probably stole the show. She moved to a gorgeous, Billie Holiday (I believe) song. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. So gorgeous, not sleazy. Swooooon!

Today, I am working at Sephora all day. I hope you get to have a lovely Valentine's Day whether single, married, dating, poly, a loner, or anything in between. Everyday should be a good day, but every now and then an extra special one doesn't hurt!

Thank you SO much to everyone who made it out to Meat My Friends, those interested in upcoming shows, and those of you far away that can only read about it here.  I'm gonna keep rowing my boat so keep reading to find out where I go!!

Ciao for now,

PS: I'm gonna be on the radio next week. Check out my Facebook to find out with who!!

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