Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Casualties of being Casual: 2

I was pursued, wooed and with reluctance accepted a dinner date after the 3rd and what would have been the final attempt. (Persistence is key gentlemen) The beginning of this perfect non-relationship relationship was awesome. Dinners at random joints I had never been to, going into a new book store, A HACKER'S MEETING!! Yeah. I know. And now it's reached it's regular schedule of just having a sleepover.

Fine. I get it. That's technically what this is all about but why woo then??  My biggest problem...well I dunno if it's a problem, but I very naturally succumb to the "out of sight out of mind" dilemma.  I'll call it a problem actually. It happens with my friends too. It's kinda sad how I'll go on alone and not blink about it. But anyway...when it comes to a relationship, even if it's only for some booty here and there, the appeal fades if your interest in spending time together fades. It's not as exciting as it promised to be.  Am I asking too much? Do I want a non-boyfriend boyfriend? Nah, because I don't like obligation, but I do like interaction.  Maybe I'm just not cutout for this casual stuff? I won't bring it up to him, it's not his problem. And if I'd be starting an argument of sorts, it means this has gone in the complete opposite direction or our intentions. And just to be clear, I know this guy as my boyfriend just wouldn't work. The differences that make us interesting to each other are still differences I know would completely piss each other off in the long run.

 Funny enough, this month's Cosmo mag has a write up about being the girl in limbo. If you want it to get serious speak up or if not, then break it off. It says that staying in an "almost-relationship" is potentially keeping you from meeting other people.  It is easy to avoid chatting up someone new or scoping out a crowd when you know what sort of company you will be having the next night. I agree with this 100% and am obviously living it, but to each his own even if it's only for a limited time. As long as I'm enjoying myself I'll continue with it, when things wear off then it's onward and upward!  For now I'll enjoy my random emotional, physical and mental fulfillment from someone who is doing a fine job.

I hope you had a nice weekend and if you were a mother, you got a little more attention than usual! I missed my mom due to work but she spent the day sun bathing in our quiet back yard so I don't feel so bad :) Have a great week, I am excited to be taking my first ever belly dance class on Thursday! Woohooo! Can't wait to tell you all about it! Thanks for reading..

Ciao for now,


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