Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Title Free and Proud to Be

O. M. G. I had SO MUCH FREAKIN FUN at the wedding on Saturday. Two of my best friends got hitched and I had the honor of being a groomswoman for my boy LG. We danced so much, were dripping sweat like maniacs, and a few of us managed to stay up chatting in the hotel lobby until about 5am. There are few nights you wish wouldn't end and for some reason Saturday was one of them. Maybe it was the moon's position, the whiskey, or the filet mignon (LOL), but something good was in the air. *sigh And now we're here..in a new week. Back to work. Booooring! There's a pic of me en route to meet the groomsmen. I'm one of those bad accident via texting commercials waiting to happen. I just sweat my makeup in the natural light!

AND here's a bad pic of what I call my Lady Tux. I loved the shirt and tie look. It was so much fun to hang with the guys and see how that part of the day functions. Lazily and filled with alcohol..not much else to it hah! It was no stress and low key. Best ever.

So I've got a couple of exciting things coming up! Shows, a published interview (my first!), aaaand Big Hips, Big Dreams is asking for YOUR submissions! Yup.

First mark you calendars:
Wednesday, July 18 - Mo Betta Burlesque
My first time with this show. I can't freakin wait because Broadway Brassy is so fuckin cool!!
**Sunday, July 29- Grindhouse Burlesk
Also first time show at Back Fence!
You can keep an eye on my facebook page for show announcements and other nonsense!

Remember a while back I submitted my interview materials for Pin Up Perfection Magazine? Well, they held off on publishing it until this special edition "Celebration of the Female Form" - get your $5.00 digital copy here and read my first ever interview!!! Omg just read it. I haven't revisited this since I submitted it. I think I sound pretty great and I even end the interview with an ad looking for a single guy hahah I'm sneaky!

For Summer fun, I've decided to reach out to YOU. My readers. I've had people interested in posting as ghost writers and I thought it was a great idea to give people the chance to either post anonymously as a vehicle to vent or even to ask questions looking for feedback from your fellow readers. SO if you have any interest in posting on Big Hips, Big Dreams please email TinaTassels@gmail.com with your submission. I vow complete confidentiality and will only post what I feel is worthy (hate me if you have to, sorry!).  I've already got a few people working on their submissions. This is a free forum - share whatever you'd like!

 By this time next week I'll have pink hair. I cannot wait. That's all I'm saying for now ha!

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you're enjoying the Summer so far. I know I am. I love this season and would take it twice a year if it meant throwing winter out of my face!

Ciao for now,


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