Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peace out NY

Oh man, I am hurtin. Finally on my couch in NY after a great weekend in Atlantic City. I went to celebrate a bachelor/ette party! Being a groomsWOman, I was torn whether to bide my time with the guys or girls but was relieved when everyone decided to hang out together!

As tired as I am today (after a day back at work), it was well worth it. Getting out of NY and this life for a little bit is the best thing I can do. It gives me peace of mind. I am reminded why I miss my friends but also why I've always wanted to leave NJ.  Saturday was my first day off in 17. Yes, 17. Between 2 jobs, even 3 when performing, I work as much as possible and take a day when I need it. This is beyond important. Most people have weekends off and I hope they realize what a luxury it is in a time when people are begging for work. I know I'm not some laborious mine worker, but no days off takes a freakin toll on you! You MUST treat yourself to a break every now and then. Even if it is to do "nothing". Taking that breath of fresh air on your own time works wonders for the soul.

Frankly, Saturday rolled around and I would have been a pig in a shit to just lay on the couch all day and not talk to anyone except myself. Quiet is all I crave sometimes!  Working so much I find myself exhausted and over emotional some days. I wonder where my "real" job is (in contrast to the "fake" jobs I have that I don't really want) and don't understand how I can work so much and just be getting by financially. Thanks to NY my once clean credit cards sky rocketed after losing my job a couple of years ago Boooo!

This coming week I'll be in NJ a bunch. While looking forward to the wedding and pool time with some of my girlfriends, the anxiety of not working almost a week is ever present.I need to shake the feeling and enjoy myself. Those of you that like to work though have to understand me right? Having no schedule at all freaks me out haha I like some structure! 

I know I missed the Mermaid Parade this year - I've still never been so I guess I don't know what I missing yet anyway but the pictures look amazing!  I hope you all had a nice weekend are enjoying this dope weather. I love the summer!

I realize how boring this post is but whatevs...I didn't wanna leave you guys hangin and hopefully next week I'll have something more exciting!! Have a great one..

Ciao for now,


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