Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't Judge a Book by It's ANYTHING!

Me: I'm reading Ron Jeremy's autobiography
Lover: Why?
Me: Why not? I love hearing anybody's story...*gets interrupted*
Lover: I just think there wouldn't be much to tell...he makes adult..*gets interrupted*
Me: Really? It's actually super interesting so far. He's just a cool guy from Queens.
Lover: He's from Queens? Oh, nice, I didn't know that.

And so it begins...
I finished Ron Jeremy's autobiography: "The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz" sometime last week. I didn't want it to end though. There's very little I enjoy more than hearing/reading about someone's life story when the struggles, curiosities, insecurities, and even the settings run so parallel to my own. And the reality is, they aren't just to my own, but to lots of us.

It sounds so stupid to even admit but we seem to forget that celebrities are even human. That even though in the public eye they are sort of robots, it's when all the cameras are turned off and the interviews have ended, that they are essentially only human. (Note: I indulge in tabloid magazines and thoroughly enjoy a REALLY bad celebrity story. My fave feature though is "Celebrities: They're just like us!" No shit.) Anyway, what better discussion to have than to divulge all the "did you know.." fun facts about Ron Jeremy? If you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter than you probably didn't know that I tweeted Ron AND HE WROTE BACK!! I'm so corny I know, but I was really happy to see a reply from him (or his management ha!).  I am fascinated by 70s NYC and what a different world it was. I love the references to streets and venues that may or may not exist anymore. Fun facts like Rodney Dangerfield's comedy club actually used to be a club called Magique where you could only imagine the sex, cocaine, and dancing of the times. It was the NYC I didn't get to live through but on the same streets I get to now walk down with a fellow dreamers stories...

Off the bat, Did you know that Ron's entry (no pun intended) into pornography was an unintentional one? As an ex-girlfriend of his explored her interest in photography, she snapped a few pics of Ron and his above average pecker. As they looked at the pictures she joked that he should submit to Playgirl's "Boy Next Door" feature to get a couple hundred bucks IF they used the pictures? He didn't make the cover but he got a check in the mail and that was the end of the story.
It wasn't until a friend introduced him to a B movie producer/director who had actually made the shift to X-rated ones, but his friend wasn't aware.

Did you know that Ron's dream was AND STILL IS to be a professional mainstream actor. He talks about it all the time but realizes when porno flicks have hurt his chances but also when they have helped him get certain roles.

Did you know that Ron Jeremy Hyatt was born and raised in Bayside, Queens to a loving family? His parents appear to be the loveliest of people! His mother passed away years ago though due to Parkinson's Disease. He is one of 3 kids that include his brother & sister. His mother was a spy during World War II.

Did you know that Ron used his middle name instead of his last because his father told him to?  In Playgirl though, Ron had submitted with Hyatt and his poor grandmother started getting phone calls from strangers looking for Ron as she was listed as "R. Hyatt" in Bayside, Queens.

Did you know that Ron is recognized and respected by PETA for his efforts in educating on humane animal practices? He is an animal lover and his most prized pet was Cherry, a turtle. He also shared a pet rat,
Fetus with a long time girlfriend. The rat was previously owned by Howie Mandel. They called him Chemo. Why all the hilarious/bad names? Fetus was hairless!

Did you know that Ron introduced Slash (yes, of Guns N Roses) to his wife Pearla?

Did you know that Ron does stand by comedy and was great friends with the late Sam Kinison? He used to spend many a nights with Sam, a then unknown Jim Carrey and sometimes even Robin Williams would join them for late night eats at Downtown NYC diner,

Did you know that Ron, even before watching his mother's health fail, is afraid of death? He struggles with the idea of ceasing to exist. (ME TOO RON!!)

Did you know that anytime Ron's famous friends would visit set it was only days he did not have a scene? His biggest fear was  one of his non-porn acting buddies to see him. He broke this rule 2x and later in life for movie directors and that's only because the scheduled actor didn't show.

Did you know that there was/is only one woman in Ron's life he would have married & had kids with? She wanted him to quit his swinging lifestyle and he didn't. They remain best friends til this day and talk on the phone "like teenagers" according to Ron. I struggled with this story, even cried! I understood both of their sides. And I know all my girlfriends are going to say "why didn't he just quit?" I know it's because he wasn't ready to. Maybe he'll never be ready to but I'd rather he do what's best for him. I think he knows that if he quit he'd only be lying to everyone and maybe he didn't trust himself? Or you know what, maybe it's as simple as the fact that he'd be denying himself something really natural. And if you ask me the only people that would get "mad" over this are the people that are feeling repressed and too weak to fight for their own wants and needs.

Did you know that Ron refers to his pecker as schmeckle more often than not? It's hilarious.

Did you know that Ron is a licensed special education teacher? He's also been playing the piano since he was 8!

After all his "I met this celeb" mumbo jumbo (even though I get it, I'd be excited too) Ron is a really likeable average guy who was always looking for his big break. I don't think he had the natural talent unfortunately but his drive keeps him in the game. And no matter how many of his scenes end up on the mainstream cutting room floor (which are lots) he's got a lot of credits under his belt.  He's considered the #1 porn star on AVN's (Adult Video News) top 50 of all time. No matter what you think about him you can't deny his celebrity.  I am inspired by him and now I root for him. He's nearing 60, looking a little rough but seems to be a teddy bear that really just loves life and people and being free at the expense of no one but himself. He doesn't smoke and barely drinks and his only vice is that he's a hard worker...in more ways than one.

Without rewriting the entire book I hope you enjoyed a few of the stories that stuck out to me. I think of his long time love Juniper and how if he had given up his adult career for her what his life would be like today. I wonder what he feels when he wakes up. The days he has no where to go or no scene to shoot, how anxious he is at home alone...

Thanks again for stopping by! Have a great a week!

Ciao for now,


PS: Yes, I'm sleeping with someone who says "adult film" before porno. hah! I thought that was funny.

PPS: Save the Date - Friday, October 5 Full Cup, Staten Island "Meat My Friends" is coming back to celebrate my birthday!!

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