Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life Left to Live

HOORAY!!  NO WORK AGAIN BECAUSE A LIFE-TAKING, FLOOD-CAUSING, DEVASTATING HURRICANE!!! I NEED to work. I am bummed about these missed days. Work aside, I also dislike being idle for so long. I feel too young and anxious and life-loving to be stuck at home.

Life can be cut really short, but if you're lucky (and close to me in age) you might have 60+ years to go!  60! You know how much life that is to live?! I'm not one to judge how you decide to spend the rest of your possibly REALLY long life ahead though. I am however, confident that complaining and being lazy are not the happiest & healthiest ways to bide your time. I'm also incredibly turned off by young people that are really stuck in their ways. Like when their daily habits read like the movie Groundhog Day. It's so uneventful to me! It's 2012, conventional life is harder and harder to define and even more difficult depending on where you live but I think people born of the same generation are even clashing in their beliefs.

I feel like so many my age, woman more so (I'll say it!) are ungrateful, know it alls. It's almost like a bunch of you took the feminist movement the wrong way or something and think the world owes you something. That now all of a sudden, a "successful" woman is allowed to set the standard and can put the rest down seems to be leading a lot of you to complete asshole-dom.

I'm also really turned off by how woman talk about men these days. Specifically, I find lots of women unattractive once I've heard them spew a few "I think he should"s over a meal.  Am I wrong? I feel such a lack in self-reflection amongst my ladies.  Everyone is out to blame rather than co-evolve while I'm all about 50/50 with most things (yes, I'm a Libra.).

While writing this, I saw my friend Bex's post on her Facebook and it was another thing that has recently crossed my mind. She wrote: "We ALL have willpower... it's how and why we do everything that we do. Now, what are you willing yourself to do today? Is it your will to be positive and healthy or lazy and apathetic? Is it your will to move toward joy or toward mediocrity?" She preceded this by explaining our skewed definition of willpower and how we only seem to use it as example of what we are depriving ourselves of. I know that I take an active role in being who I want to be. Concerning myself with things that really matter and trying my best not to whine about most things really. I don't think I'm always right, but I strive to be rational.

Ugh, I'm all over the place with this post it's the PMS I swear. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm so over people not taking responsibility for the type of person they are or want to become. They're convinced at such a young age that they've got it all figured out and the rest of the world needs to catch up.  It makes me uncomfortable when someone sets their self in stone so soon. I worry about them. While I worry I'm also annoyed. Get over yourself.

This is so much garbage, does any of it even make sense? hahah FML!

Ciao for now,


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