Friday, November 30, 2012

Size Me Up

I am SO excited to be working for a brand and physical store in New York that caters to a size range of XXSmall up to 4X!!

After the first phone call my co-worker received asking "Are you only going to carry size 0s like every other store in NY?" we started to get people popping their heads in the door with the same question. The sheer sense of relief that comes over their face after I tell them our range is unforgettable. One woman, visiting from the UK, was so grateful "to find beautiful styles in my size" she could barely say the words. The experience has been giving me goosebumps!

I mentioned it in my last post, that I actually asked my interviewer "I know Bettie Page makes plus sizes, but will we be carrying it in store?" I too was not only relieved, but proud even to be able to represent a shop that is so lacking in NYC.  I'm also getting smaller sized girls (just as self-conscious as us chubby ones wouldn't ya know!) saying "but I don't have any curves for these." I have been assuring my clients:

**If you have curves the pieces will show them off, if you don't have curves, the dresses will create them!!**

I've really been enjoying work. Sorry for this delayed post. I had a shitty bought of PMS and was SO tired every time I sat in front of the computer this week. Now that I'm not pregnant (read: I'm boatin down red river) I actually have my normal energy back! I am starting to feel much more settled at this job than I had in an entire year and a half at Sephora. I loved my coworkers and doing makeup, but that isn't where I wanted to be. I felt anxious a lot of the time being on the hunt for work. I definitely derailed from the performing track and I'm getting myself back on it! I am fiending for it!

I'm also in need for the touch and smell of a man. How's that for a closer?
Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!

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PS: Haven't been on stage in awhile, but I'll be stripping for Sandy victims - come check out this awesome benefit: HurriDAMES! I can't wait <3

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  1. Today - Mon 12/3 - had a gorgeous tall curvy girl say "I've never had the problem of having too many things fit me well. Can't wait to come back for more!"