Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Energy Sucker!!!

Ugh - I'm feeling fed up lately. I don't deal well with people complaining about being tired all the time. Especially young, healthy, people. I don't understand how mature adults huff & puff like they've just come back from front lining a war or something. I too feel exhausted on occasion, I'm human, but it's usually because I've been putting my energy into something important to me so it's rare I complain about it. Shut your mouth and call it a day.

I've been using the phrase "energy sucker" to describe them. Not only does their energy level suck, but it in effect starts to suck the good energy from other people. Truly the worst kind of person to be around. It really takes a toll on me. I get annoyed and then start to pick at them which only makes me feel more irritated. It's stupid, I know, but there's no nice way to tell someone their attitude sucks so I tip toe around it.  It's wanting to reply to their rant with "no, I think the problem IS you not x, y, & z." You're probably laughing at me and saying get over it. Just ignore them. I CAN'T! That's my issue I know. But I'm so interested in people and the why? the what's your problem? Grrrrr!

It's inevitable that you'll encounter this person, especially in NYC. In work, play, anywhere really.  If it's a stranger I could care less, it's when it's a friend or someone I know better than the last guy. I just don't understand. I'm so over this "misery loves company" shit. Go lock yourself in a fuckin cell and leave us on the outside, that are trying to live a positive, happy life day to day, alone.

My girl Whitney Cummings wants to unsubscribe from people being tired all the time: "You're not bored, you're boring." Werd is bond!

Ciao for now,