Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Families

The older I get the more anxiety I have over the idea of splitting holidays if I ever end up in a couple. As much as we all label our families nuts, most of us wouldn't trade them for the world!  Last night over our annual Christmas Eve party at my parents' house, my aunt made it clear I cannot miss Thanksgiving at her house...just putting that out there for any prospective boytoys.  How do you and yours split the holidays? Do you alternate? Ugh, I don't wanna miss any!

My family is big too. Maybe I'll meet someone with a small fam and then they can join us? (Selfish) Maybe I'll meet someone that lives close so we can hit up both everytime? That's not bad, but the thought of having to migrate throughout the night is annoying. Being single, this makes everything peanuts! Ya know, just another excuse to tag onto my "I'm great at being alone" list.

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am home alone now, my family went to church. The house is nice and quiet, but it wouldn't be bad having company. They left me coffee and A Christmas Story is on (Hi Peter! aka Ralphie. Have you seen him lately? Adorbs! Actually reminds me of my bestfriend growing up VK. Man, I miss that kid.)

I hope you have a great holiday!! I have one week left to reach my 2012 goal of my 1st (and perhaps only) vlog. I'm scared. Will I get to it?? What should I talk about?! *bites nails*

Ciao for now,


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