Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well, that sucked!

Worst night of sleep in a really really long time. I am blessed with good sleeping habits no matter where I am, so when I have an off night, it's rough! I need someone to psycho analyze this one though. I'll retell my dream to the best of my memory. It was really quite vivid to the extent that you wake up feeling like it really may have happened. Ick!

I was walking down the street, perhaps early afternoon.  I'm not sure what street or even what neighborhood, but wherever I was, I was familiar with it and knew where I was going.  I see ahead that I'm approaching a young boy around 7 or 8, chubby with medium skin tone and dark features and his mother is behind him leaning on an iron gate type structure. She is smoking and looks unfortunate. Her hair a mess in a short ponytail, a white tank top and black cotton shorts. She was braless with boobs down to her belly button. I think she had those slippers on that are backless and peep toe.  She stared at me as sometimes people do. You feel like they hate you.

When I got closer, the boy asked if I had any change because he was very thirsty. (It was really warm out but I was definitely dressed in layers. I think even a scarf. Strange.) At that point I had reached him and crouched down to stand eye-to-eye. I kindly said I didn't have any extra change but I happened to have an extra bottle of water. (I was carrying a plastic bag, no clue what was in it until this point). I gave him the water and he ran off, I stood up.

As I turned my gaze to his mother, she was already coming at me holding 2 needles in one hand. She growled some sorta "you think you can..." message and stabbed the needles into the left side of my stomach. I remember jolting in my sleep.  After she pulled them out I could tell I was dizzy and trying to grab onto her to stand up. Somehow she lead me into her home (which was huge, with beautiful wood floors, and multiple levels) and upstairs into a large messy bedroom and laid me down in her unmade, higher than average bed.  My eyes barely staying open I remember hearing her leave the room and go downstairs.

When I slowly started coming to, I remember barely reaching my hand into my jacket pocket and using one hand to text my friend Kristen (Hey Girl!). I believe it was the next morning. I remember my text being something along the lines of: Call 911, tell them I am missing because ---
I was startled when I thought I heard someone coming upstairs. I saw my phone had no service so my text did not go through anyway. What felt like an hour was probably 2 minutes later. The little boy came to my bedside and looked at me. After he ran away, I somehow started rolling myself out of the bed and put my feet on the floor. I still could barely stand up straight. I was groggy and confused.

The mother came into the room and I saw she had needles in her hand again. I'm assuming the little boy said I was awake and she was coming back to drug me. Somehow I had the strength to defend myself. I grabbed her hand, then she wrestled me to the floor. I'm remembering a folding chair for some reason. That I picked it up to swing at her but she grabbed it. The little boy was watching us struggle. Eventually the mother and I were squared off when, just like the first time, she came charging at me. I don't know exactly what I did but I essentially turned the needles on her and stabbed her in the center of her stomach. She didn't just pass out, she died.

My alarm went off at 8am and I jumped up breathing heavily.
Needless to say, I was feeling extra tired & even a bit stressed today. The dream has been replaying over and over in my head. What the hell was that all about?

I want to send a huge hug & a million healing wishes to my friend BA's husband. She is a regular reader of Big Hips, Big Dreams and I'm thinking about her now more than ever. Get Well Soon Scott <3

I hope all of you have a fabulous Holiday season. Next time we meet it will be Christmas. Stay safe & warm.

Lots of Love,


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