Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fool Me

Saturday night I met Zander with a Z. A 39 year old, who was in town from LA on an audition. While his buddy danced with a rando girl to 90s hiphop, him and I chatted away the post-midnight hours. He was cute and pretty hilarious and definitely a few drinks deeper than I.

I came in from having a smoke and had to scoot my chair back in as I had a new neighbor at the bar.
Z: What's with the outfit?
TT: I was working a jazzy fundraiser. What's with your outfit?

After some bullshitting about stand up comedy, sex in NYC and east coast vs west coast he got to business.
Z: So are we going to your place or my friend's couch where I'm staying?
TT: I'm not going anywhere.
Z: Really? (Turns towards me) I thought I was pretty good...(I smiled) ...so nothing?
TT: I'm not going anywhere, but I'd  hang here and makeout. Just relax, ya know?
Z: (looks away and folds his arms)
TT: Man, I'm pretty easy but ya gotta give me something.You were charming but you've barely looked at me with your face or body language and now I'm supposed to leave with you?! Be cool man, you shoulda at least fooled me a little more.
Z: What is it you want?
TT: I want it all.
Z: We all do.
TT: What do you want?
Z: I just wanna be happy.

We laughed for a bit more then Z left with his friend. I wondered what my problem was for like 5minutes, I could have had fresh manttention from a dude I thought was pretty cool.  I was 1 part nervous, 1 part annoyed, 2 parts unshaven legs and 3 parts knowing that I didn't feel like wasting energy on what only promised to be a mediocre hook up.

When I said to fool me, I meant it. Make a woman feel sexy and you'll reap the benefits. Don't guys know this? Peanuts! Sheesh.

Ciao for now,


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