Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I go back to black.

JK! I do think I'm going back to platinum blonde though. (I know, first world announcements) Winter wasn't so bad with Pink hair I like the whole black clothes, pale skin, pink hair look but now with my fave summer dress picks my hair is REALLY throwing me for a loop. I'd like to embrace the bright dresses as I've always shied away from them. I've been trying on some fun stuff!

Remember way back when, I talked about how naturally I always wanted to make my costumes black. As though I wasn't almost naked so those few black strips of fabric would camouflage the rest of me. That although I love color, I feel much saferin black or darker colors.  Well, I'm trying to shake myself of that. Not because I don't love a chic black get up, but because I need to stop being scared of being noticed. I know you're thinking "says the girl with pink hair"...whatevs. Pink elephant in the room syndrome.

I've also been trying my hardest to take, not only advice I would give to someone, but the advice my brother gave to me: just stop. One of the last nights we hung out before he left for Costa Rica, I confessed that my number 1 stress in life (even when I was living in NJ in my parents' house) is money. I constantly worry about money. It's definitely an unfortunate family heirloom I've been passed down from my parents. The reality is I work hard, I play not-as-hard-as-I-would-like-to but hard enough, and I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, clothes on my back, blankets to keep me warm, plenty of shoes for just 2 feet...the money will come.  Strangely enough, I got an email yesterday about working part time assisting a well known comedian/actress. Thanks universe, hopefully it works out! Network, network, network!!

Hope you having a lovely beginning to Spring! Thanks again for stopping by!
Ciao for now,


May 10- I'll be reppin NJ and takin your cash at Take Back the 80s: NY vs NJ
May 11 - Back in action at Le Poisson Rouge with the ladies behind Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp at Babes in Boyland!

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