Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tomorrow, then a day.

Still recovering from Saturday night's Rockabilly Rumble 4 out in Long Island!!! Although I have fun everytime, this was especially fab! The turnout was amazing, a lot of new faces, double the number of girls came out for the pinup contest, the energy was just flowing!!

I got way more into the idea of singing with a band. I need to practice more and grow a pair while I'm at it!! You should check out the bands from the night. So much talent, so much heart:

Roy Wilson and The Buzzards
Big Daddy Deluxe
Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin Pins

Best names ever, right?! Ha!! We also had a doo-wop troupe of senior citizens who were probably my fave!
Here I am sitting pretty pre-Pinup Contest figuring out jokes & questions!

I'm struggling with the how soon is too soon to contact someone. I'm an honest girl, and if I wanna see someone, I'm pretty confident in making that known, but I guess I have to realize I'm not "supposed" to do that. You don't wanna scare people off, or make yourself too available, blah blah blah. I'm so not into that garbage. When someone asks about my personal life, I find myself constantly saying "I guess we'll see what happens" and that just makes me cringe. I wanna make things happen or just move on.  I'm not talking about jumping into something quickly or any of that what are we? mumbo-jumbo, I just mean life is short. If you can spend a few great days and/or nights with someone whose company you enjoy even if it doesn't turn into anything, well that it worth more to me than any night alone.

My fave song right now!! Enjoy cats & kittens <3

"Loneliness is such a waste of time" - Solomon Burke
Ciao for now,


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