Monday, July 1, 2013

What do I want?

I  feel that lately so many people have been asking me what it is that I want and my answer is simple:
I don't want to worry about money anymore.
Isn't that what everybody wants? I want to be comfortable, freer to do the things I want and if I'm lucky enough,  I can provide this reality for my family and even some friends.

I think what's harder for me to define is how I want to make that happen. I really want to do so much, at least once. I know I wanna work in showbiz. Whether it's television, film or more preferably live entertainment.  No easy feat but I've been fortunate enough to have had a taste of all of the above and I know I wanna keep going! I like knowing the business side of the industry, but I LOVE being on the creative end and that's what I'll continue to strive for!

This weekend was a blast! A long day spent in the hot sun ( better than the rain the news was trying to schedule) made for a successful event with Bettie Page Clothing. Our team hit the crowd at the 4 Knots festival, sponsored by The Village Voice newspaper. An annual music event filled with vendors, live bands, a VIP boat, that is FREE to enter!  BPC had prime location and the only photo booth - check out the pics here.

This summer is proving to be SO promising. Especially in regards to my pre-30 bucket list. (Yes, I'm gonna be 30 in October, I know I don't look a day over 22 HA!) I've got some exciting things lined up including a calendar spot with Pinups For Patriots, possible nude modeling for a drawing class (because why not?!), and more improv classes! Got some shows lined up for August to look forward to too! I'm also trying to figure out what sort of videos to start fooling around with making. What do you wanna see? I really like interviewing so I'm thinking of bringing some cools peeps over. Let me know if you have any requests/ideas!!

Thanks for stopping by - Happy Summer officially!

Ciao for now,



  1. I don't worry about money. And you know what, my life is so freakin' boring compared to yours.

    1. sometimes exciting vs. boring is subjective ;)