Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The longer I live and "struggle" in NYC the more I find how it effects other people.  Weird, right? When I can't afford something, or I can't buy something or I can't go somewhere, some people are offended and even become judgmental as if I'm offending them somehow. I've been looked at with eyes that say "aww, you'll grow up one day" or better yet, my fave: grow the fuck up already. My response is always similar in that I ask, "What's your problem? I'm the one who living through it."

The starving artist thrives in NY and also understands how subjective the word "thrive" is.  I'm comfortable saying that everyday he is reminded of his sacrifices, something he or she is missing out on. For some this helps push them and for others this can crush their dreams.  It is no easy feat to give up pedicures, or vacations, or parties, fresh vegetables, seeing shows, weekend getaways, or a silly BRUNCH even because you simply cannot afford it, but that is the reality I live. Some people get it, some don't. I constantly have to remind people it is my CHOICE. No one is making me do this, perhaps that fact is what makes them so uncomfortable.

I find it really backwards that I have to defend why I can't make it somewhere. Or even more humiliating having to admit that at my age I can't afford certain things. In a lot of eyes I am labeled either selfish, or childish, irresponsible even but the joke is on them. I am working more than I am not and the need to clarify this is what I find the craziest so this is why I lay low when I must and continue the fight.

This weekend I'm shooting with Pinups for Patriots for our 2014 calendar - Miss October comin atcha! It happened to be available so I jumped onto my Birthday month...I'M SO EXCITED! Also I'll be doing my first ever red carpet interviewing at a really cool event for short films called The Nickel Series. Come check it out!

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July (weekend if you were lucky) I had work but afterward got to run out to the Dances of Vice event Rockabilly Night Market and had SO much fun. It's rare I get to go out so I was really happy to get see a lot of friends and even joined in the twist contest! Go dance your day away, thanks for stopping by :)

Ciao for now,


PS: Bill, the creator of the blog Tattoosday happens to live in my neighborhood and I've seen him about 2 times in the past week. Check out the blog, it's really fun and might even inspire your new piece!

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