Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I held this dude hostage on his day off. I almost got to blogging yesterday but decided not to. And you know, I usually like writing in real time rather than having some things waiting to lazy/last minute. HA!

I know it's Wednesday but whatever! It's actually more exciting because I had a chance to go over some BEAUTIFUL pictures from the yet-again successful Peacock Party at Duane Park!
Damian Van Camp ( was able to capture some beautiful shots from the show! A selection have been posted on my Facebook page!

ALSO - Maggie Saniewska, the woman behind Play Me Burlesque Cards, shot video and put this awesome promo together. Check out what you missed from the last Peacock Party!


NEXT UP IS PHILADELPHIA! You heard right, I'll be performing in Philly on Friday, March 28 at PhilaMoca!
And then on April 18th I'll be celebrating World Famous *BOB*'s birthday!!

OK, I'm peeling myself away from the Selena movie and getting ready to go handle some biz! I'll talk to you soon and hope to see you at a show! 

Ciao for now,


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