Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Red River

It was SO pms. hahaha Being a girl is the worst!
Phew. Finally home after a long day.

I have the next 4 DAYS OFF!! What?? Cray. I have some PTO, so that's pretty cool because I'll be HEADING TO PHILLY TO PERFORM FOR THE FIRST TIME - Woooohooo!!
Anybody from Flotown or Burlington going and wanna pick me up on the way??? Let me know! I'm also pumped to see my family, it's my grandma's birthday on Thursday and she's just had a successful knee surgery, but is stuck in physical therapy...boooooo!

Anyway, I've just been rolling with some punches lately at work, play, and my personal life. I've been taking some really fun side gigs and some more shows are lined up!  I'm eager to see what this year brings. I know I mentioned Rebel Ink Magazine last week but I finally got my copy and am freaking out. This is the 2nd magazine I've been in this year. SO WILD! I have to say, I'm pretty honored to be a plus size girl in the mix. Especially compared to the other featured girls throughout the magazine! Check it out if you haven't yet:

NEXT SATURDAY - I'm heading back to my producing roots and performing at Full Cup in Staten Island for Toots Jordan's Show. Hosted by funny man and friend Jay Miller ( Mid-Evenings with Jay Miller & Impractical Jokers writer).

Stay well.

Ciao for now,


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