Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The "Real" World

It took a lot out of me to accept the MArcher show with TBA Con in Philly. I do & enjoy burlesque because I like to feel pretty. I love showing off my shape, having my hair curled,  lips bathed in red and lashes to heaven. The woman on stage is the woman I feel like inside, but don't really believe can exist in the "real world"...so there's that, but it was SO much fun. I'm glad I accepted the challenge and was fortunate to have an amazing cast to share it with and a ton of friends in my corner :) There are some pics and a write up is coming too. I'm not feeling confident about my pictures so I've avoided tagging myself, but I'm still proud. ugh! So silly, I know. What's important is that I truly enjoyed myself and had a great night.

MARCH 2014 EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH - BOOYA! (is that how you spell it?)
On Facebook I shared a link to my company's new page: Tatyana Boutique. We've decided to re-brand so we had a little more freedom when it comes to design. Check out the new website that has your usual favorites...Bettie Page Clothing isn't going anywhere, it's just about to join a bigger line! If you simply hit "like" on the new page you get entered to win a $100 giftcard - 10 Winners will be chosen so GOOD LUCK!

So I think my dude lied to me about something - pretty silly - and I'm thinking it's because he felt embarrassed. I'm gonna confirm it before I bother mentioning anything. That said - I will be seeing his place this week!

SATURDAY NIGHT I'll be in Staten Island back at Full Cup where I made my producing debut! I'm joining the cast of Tootsie Pop Burlesque for 2 acts and can't wait! Hope you can make it out. I'm off to bed because I'm definitely fighting a cold blah!

Ciao for now,


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