Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Oh the possibilities...

- I got a promotion. Yes, already!! I'm officially the Office Manager of The Agency Group's New York office. I'M FREAKING OUT!!
- Found a new roommate! She's moving back from Paris to teach History & International Relations. So cool!
- The 4th installment of The Peacock Party is TOMORROW night at Duane Park.
- I danced to my boyfriend Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home" at Nurse Bettie last week. While the act was mediocre nothing beat the audience singing along!
- I'll be seeing Drake and his goofy ass adorable smile next week via guest list. #LoveMyJob
- My dude and I had a great Sunday night of catching up and talking seriously about all sorts of things. It was a relief to say things and not hold back tears. Talked family, "friends", addiction, money, career, future...you name it.  We're still in the same place, wherever that is, but I'm looking ahead and not closing myself off from any possibilities!

Feeling really fortunate recently and I have to keep appreciating even the little things.  I'm sorry I was off last week, but I've keeping myself busy with work0 (day and night jobs), friends & family. Dinner parties w/ yummy sangria, playing with my babies, the Chinese buffet with my grandma, staying at work late, going to dinner last minute with a friend in from outta town, helping clean up after getting to a Flo-town yard sale too late and rhinestoning new pieces. I haven't been so busy and so fulfilled in a long time. I also have a feeling this show is going to be extra special tomorrow night...there's only one way to find out!

Ciao for now,


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