Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Brush with Death - JK JK!

Holy crap – I was feeling SO hellish yesterday. At first I thought I was just getting old and had a killer hangover after baby Rocco’s birthday party but that quickly shifted into a fever, loss of appetite (which, if I’m hung over, burger & fries usually do the trick!), and nausea. THEN to make things worse I started reading about all sorts of symptoms and figured I was either getting the flu, am pregnant, or just having REALLY bad PMS.  Not sure what it was exactly but I know I skipped the Lauryn Hill concert (so sad) for good reason. I put myself to bed before 10p and slept like a baby until about 5am and felt like a million bucks when I awoke. Phew! Although, that loss of appetite thing was nice. Ha!

Showtime at Nurse Bettie this week with Calamity Chang and co! I haven't had a show in some time. I'm excited to try out a new costume & new song & overall new approach to an act. It's more update than my usual acts and I feel very meditative when I do it. Perhaps because the song reminds me of my dude. Whatever. I don't feel like talking about him/it right now. I'm not confused or wondering what the right thing to do is because I know it, but I'm just feeling a bit numb towards it all today. Last night was a different story, which I'm sure stemmed from my bout of hell, but I was a sobbing mess over him/it. Mood swings make you feel so crazy. How irritating!!

I  am ready to head home and rehearse a bit. Still taking it easy so I dont jinx my energy but ready to get this show on the road!
Hope you can make it out to a show!

Ciao for now,


PS: The Peacock Party is back at Duane Park on August 13! We're really going for it this time, no tracks, all live music, Honey & the Misbehavers serving up amazing originals as well! Performances by: Evelyn Vinyl, Lilin, Lickitty Split, Francine, and ME!

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