Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I’m so happy to see Pop Culture in 2014 embracing curves. Well, big butts more than anything, BUT I’ll take it! What I am not happy to see is the ever present imbalance of acceptance. Rather than shaming curvy girls we're now shaming "skinny bitches." Every song & advertisement is thin girl hating. What the hell? I have never been into body shaming other than when I was in elementary school, but everyone hated themselves and projected it onto others. I’m guilty of saying stupid things like “well, you can eat whatever you want,” or implying that life is easier for a thin girl (which statistically it is), but I would never seriously uphold such a belief. These assumptions are purely subjective. I DESPISE the whole Real Women movement as well. The problem is that it’s still used in an exclusive context and therefore keeps out the "others." 

Where is all this coming from? I'm not really sure other than some great opportunities popping up that are reminding how fortunate I am to have a healthy body, no matter what size (and despite my many cavities haha). Exciting to be working with the ladies of Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp again at Drom on October 3rd, emceeing a show titled What I Learned in Burlesque School! Funny enough it will be more than I learned in majority of my schooling throughout the years and it was much cheaper!

I'm also inspired by some messages recent & not so recent that I've slacked on replying to or addressing.  I'm not 100% sure how I want to answer them just yet. I will say AB (if you're reading) I had actually written you a reply I was proud of and then my laptop shut down and it was erased and I was so furious I shut the lid and went to sleep. It wasn't meant to be that night I guess!

I'm leaving work in a bit to hit up the Black Keys show at Barclay's. I know lots of you are big fans of TBK, although I don't listen to them on the regular I feel it's my duty to accept a free ticket to an arena show! Taking one for the team *sigh HAH!

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PS: Just added a Halloween show date in Staten Island at the newly renovated/named Hashtag Bar formerly The Full Cup. BOO-lesque! See you there suckers!

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  1. I was just talking about this will my trainer today!! Real women support other women!!! Well stated. Bravo!! oxo