Tuesday, September 16, 2014

They Give Me Fever

Baby Fever actually. FML!
I think it’s my age. Well, that’s the response I’ve been getting from people a bit older than me “Yeah, I felt that too.” I swear every time I see a baby or little kid or even an entire awesome family, my ovaries start rattling. Maybe not rattling, perhaps crying? Ha! I need it to go away asap!  Also, sorry about my weak blogging. I am noticing a really shitty pattern of every other week and for that I suck! But Hieeeeeee, welcome back! :)

Last week I didn’t get a chance to write during the day because of work and that evening my company had an end of summer yacht party. It was really great, my first outing with my new company followed by hours of karaoke!

I don’t really have much to say about my dude. People have been asking. I’m just hanging out and enjoying his company when I can. He did do something really out of character last Wednesday though: I got a text around 7:15p asking if I was still at work. I was, but that’s unusual and I’m usually on the train home by then. He finished working a couple Fashion Week events and had some time to kill before his late night gig (he’s a work horse for sure, no question about that), so we ended up meeting in Time Square – half way between – and trekked to the East Side and headed down to the Village. We walked hand-in-hand and talked forever and he was in this great mood. That made my night... week really. Man, nothing beats a super unexpected surprise. *Sigh

I almost forgot I went to 2 fashion week(end) events! Friday I hit up Smart Glamour's fashion show with Lilin. I was their Woman of the Week and it was really amazing to be recognized but a great movement/fashion line. Saturday, I made my way over to help out Slapback in Williamsburg for Pinup Girl Clothing's 1st ever New York/East Coast Yard Sale. IT WAS A RIOT! So cool seeing everyone dressed up and I got to spend some time with my East AND WEST coast girls! I also met some internet friends FINALLY! Check out my instagram for pics!

THIS THURSDAY - I'll be back at Nurse Bettie doing one of my fave classic acts.
Next Saturday I'll be volunteering at BB King's for the New York Burlesque Festival
Friday, Oct 3 (My Birthday Eve!) - I'm hosting a show at Drom w/ the ladies of Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp. It'll be my first time on Drom's stage!

I am really excited for Fall to say the least!
Ciao for now,


PS: I'm enjoying a crush at work. It takes some of that male focused attention of just one person and obviously I can't NOT think of someone. #BoyCrazyRightNow

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  1. hi there, so i have questions for you, since i hope we all can help each other sort out relationship issues. i'm trying to see enjoyment in the questions themselves, but it's not always that easy. over the years, i realize some men really really really do lie. like flat out. to themselves and whoever is around them. and have no issue or hesitation in doing so. i mean major lies, like blatant refusals to admit what is obvious and sitting in the middle of the room. "no that's not blue it's green" when it's clearly blue, style of lies.... or fabricating a story, for the sole purpose to make a woman jealous, when there was no need for it in the first place. (isn't there enough to think about in a new relationship without adding to it?) that's just sheer wanting to poop on someone else’s joy but i've learned that even the ones who seem progressive, sensitive, artsy, intellectual, etc.. they do this. i swear hipster men are evil. ok, not evil, just very messed up in the head. why do they get away with it... do they not realize that women find this offensive… do they really feel so entitled that they take these risks? maybe too many people in their lives, including their female friends, relatives etc, enable them to act this way and dont call them on this...

    or how they seem unwilling to end one relationship before starting another or say TWO others. will blatantly deny it, if confronted too. “i was just flirting” or some other minimizing comment.

    why is there such a double standard of women having to be 'devoted' or faithful. ive decided there is no way to confront these topics without coming across as unpleasant and it seems like a waste of time trying to explain why its not cool.

    on that same note..

    i have wasted much time, trying to prove how loyal i am. trying to do the right thing: “i’ll be strong for both of us to create trust”… and by instilling this loyalty, it would make for a better relationship. but it backfires…

    do men actually want to see that women are still playing the field for as long as possible ..the way men do? it finally registered that maybe half of their fun and joy was seeing how they measure up to the other men she’s looking at..., and could there be some competitive factor in there that is appealing to them? a bit weird to realize that their image of themselves (in the eyes of other men) could actually be some kind of a buzz for them. is that ewe? or just a reality to have to accept? i honestly don’t think women are this twisted, except in soap opera dramas. so in this sense, the males are the drama makers, not the woman. really tired of them projecting all that.

    i understand a need for individual people to save face and not feel embarassed by their shortcomings, but.... men pride themselves on being direct, unafraid of confrontation, strong, so there is a big dichotomy here