Tuesday, December 2, 2014

TV Talk?

I am SO excited to tell you that tomorrow morning I'll be taping a a segment at Better TV with resident relationship expert Rachel DeAlto. WHAT?! I don't know anything about it obviously. I know I apparently pick the wrong men. I know I'm too giving from the get-go. I know I'm too flexible and put myself last. I know I'm not interested in online dating whether it's fear based or genuine disinterest...BUT, I do know I deserve good: in life & love. My positive mental & emotional projection will be rewarded in the way it's supposed to. I must believe that otherwise what's the use of waking up everyday?

Check local listings and make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -- all that good stuff -- to find out when it airs. *chews off finger nails* WHAT DO I WEAR!?

Hope you all had a nice holiday with friends and/or family. I know I did. I was ready to get back to my pace here in NYC though. I don't know how people just sleep & work. I get anxious without a schedule or things to do. I love have weekends off but I also love having plans with great people all the time. A friend recently said she hated that her days were all melting into one making her feel like she never had a day off -- she hates it. I actually love it!! #TheHustle

Ciao for now,


PS: I met Val Chmerkovskiy yesterday. I die. So cute. And smelled of handsome goodness. *sigh

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