Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DrugS of Choice

I am in the absolute weirdest mood. Looking at my calendar now it seems another fucking month has passed and I'm PMSing. I am probably the worst girl I know because I always do the what's wrong with me? thing and then I realized oh, duh, girl problem again!

This morning I was inconsolable whether I was watching deaf people hear for the first time or a song came on my stereo that made me long for love. FML!

Gees the universe is really annoying. Friday night, I went home and feel sound asleep on the couch after swallowing whole a plate of nachos (my #1 drug of choice). Around 4am-ish I woke up to walk to bed and checked my phone. I had missed a booty text from my ex (my #2 drug of choice). I immediately replied to say sorry was sleeping on the couch, rain check! The next morning, with a clearer head I admitted to him that I wished I would have just told him to come over if it would have kept him from being with someone else...he never replied. So I'll let you know what happens Friday. HA!

Tomorrow night I'll be at Nurse Bettie's with Calamity Chang and crew for the weekly Spanking the Lower East Side. No Cover, tip bucket, go-go girls --- COME OUT!

I meant to write last night, I promise, ask LP! I told her yesterday, but when I got home and into bed with my laptop it was acting like an asshole and I had absolutely no desire to fix it/go into the living room for better wifi. Zzzzz...that's what I did instead.

What are you Valentine's Day plans? If you haven't got any and even find yourself dateless like so many of us, join me and the beautiful audience at the gorgeous Triad uptown for Love Bomb Burlesque.  I'll be hosting aka sharing my bitterness with a room full of awesomeness -- who needs A date when you can have ALL the dates??

Ciao for now,


PS: I'm just gonna leave that right there for you! Hope you have a lovefilled weekend <3

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