Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy Life for a Poor Girl

So I’ve had a really great past week & have a really exciting one ahead! My title says it all. I am confident to say I'm in the "paying dues" phase of my career. I know more things are to come & *fingers crossed* paychecks will accompany them.

 On Monday, I put the finishing touches on my costume for the upcoming showcase. I added some sparkle where it was lacking and finished making my bra into what I need it to be.  Aside from being annoying at times, building your own costume (even if only manipulating store bought pieces) adds a hint of ego to the performer. Well for me anyway. Even though, pieces stay on for mere seconds during your routine, it gives you much pride in the end knowing you designed it.  If you’re like me you enjoy feeling as if you’re the only one with certain shoes, or dresses, or anything. You know it’s not true but tricking yourself feels great! So when you make your own costume, you cannot help but feel like there is no other one out there like it and frankly there might not be!
I will not lie though either, when I can afford it, I will buy my costumes and have things made to order. That is the princess fantasy!

On Tuesday I got to shoot with my gorgeous & talented friend Doron Gild. (check out his phenom work here) He made it clear that it would be a combination of the Tina Tassels physical with the Doron Gild photographic. That said, I wasn’t allowed to smile much and I found it extremely hard! I whined about it but he was being serious and professional and not giving in, booooo! (ha! Jk jk.)  By some miracle, and by that I mean knowing the right people, we were allowed to shoot in the Beauty Bar. Which I was ECSTATIC about. I love that place. If you’ve never been there, check it out. Many a tourist & locals alike, spend their nights there. It has a wall lined in old hair dryers, another with old barber chairs, and a back room that I prefer to call the disco lounge. I am honored that I have had, this early in my career, the opportunity to shoot there. Also a shot out to my OTHER beautiful & talented friend, Krista Pruent, for her awesome makeup skills & hair support! (see more of her work here)

This is my favorite of the day. 
(You can check out my other pics here, and there are more to come!)

Thursday, through Twitter, I saw that The Wendy Williams Show was having a casting call for 2 friends or siblings to be her red carpet correspondents for Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. I am never one to pass up a possible chance of being on TV or a talk show or any contest really. ( I almost won 3 cars a couple of years back!) After debate over my PIC (partner in crime for you nOObs), I approached my friend LM (whose yummy brunching blog you can read here) thinking no one else would be interested.  A lot of people think I’m silly or reaching too far when I enter such things, but she had already beat me to the punch with her bff! I was so psyched to hear that friends were trying out too!  After this I told (not even asked) my great friend, who is well on his way to being a huge singer/song writer, AD (whose beautiful sounds you can listen to here and buy on itunes). He laughed a bit and then gave in. I submitted a picture & a blurb about who we are, how/why we’re friends, etc…and A PRODUCER CALLED ME TODAY!  We have a meeting on Monday, we’ll see what happens. I think the red carpet is dying for two people like us!

Tomorrow is my first class of Burlesque Bikini Boot camp (read about it here). We will be mixing aerobics/yoga/pilates AND burlesque style dance moves! Um….perfect!  Two friends will be joining me: shy girl (from my SOB class) & MK, the brave girl who came to our pasty making party and twirled for the first time!  I think we’re gonna have a blast while burning some calories, I cannot wait!
My good friend JT (whose paper work you can check out here), is hosting her annual holiday crafting party on Sunday. Since I’ve got too much to worry about I’ve decided to work on my event costume instead. I am being a snow-wo-man so it counts!  For the Holiday Spirits Event I felt the itch to order a custom hat and on Monday I will be able to pick mine up by Little Stormy. She has become a sweet interweb friend and I cannot wait to put it on!! (see her hats here)

I am happy to say my anxiety has subsided and I’m feeling great. A little nervous, but nothing abnormal nor that I can’t handle. I know Friday will be here before we know it so I’ve really gotta practice A LOT this week. Holy shit. Aw and my mom wants to come “if you’ll have me there” she said. I told her I’d understand her absence because on Fridays she works a bizzillion hours and the last thing she needs to do is drive in alone from South Jersey for a 9pm strip show. In all honesty it’d be great to have her there but I don’t want to pressure her too much so I played it cool. Nice daughter. Ha!

I made my first ever macaroons today, they are SO good. Tomorrow's batch MIGHT have some chocolate drizzled on top. (weird the TV just said "drizzle" as I typed it, that's a sign for sure!)
I wish you all a great weekend with warmth & holiday spirit in the air - baby it's cold outside!

Ciao for now,

Dec 10 9p-11p $15 - more info here
Student Showcase: where us newbies strut our stuff for the first time!
Coney Island, Sideshows by the Seashore
Dec 11 4pVIP/5pmREG-10p $25VIP/$20REG - more info here
Although I won't be performing, I'll be a "Special Guest" - hooray! Come enjoy some new cocktails & good company.
Brooklyn, The Green Building


  1. The world is definitely ready for you and Angelo! Hotness overload. I'm psyched for you girl! I"m glad you shared all of this! Love you!

  2. you made me smile, laugh and tear up, all in one blog post! love it! and can't wait till next weekends fun!! and to DVR wendy williams! :)