Monday, March 28, 2011

This is YOUR life.

It's really that simple, this is what you have: the here and now so do what you will with it.

I'm so over everyone being a victim of circumstance. I'm over it because I was pretending to be one for years. There were always excuses why things weren't happening in my life and although mainly financial (and still are, fuck money!) there are so many other little wonderful things I decided to change and step over to get where I am. It feels fantastic. You should try it out.

I have to say a biggup to my fore-mothers (see what I did there?) We have all been rowing the same self-conscious-about-my-body-and-self boat for years but its getting easier for us newbies to be confident when we have amazing figures (literally) to look up to! This stems from my experience at the World Famous *Bob* One Man Show. I won tickets on facebook! She says it took her years to get where she is emotionally comfortable showing her body and I have to be grateful that it really only took me months. I, because of the women I look up to, decided to stop letting the world's discomfort about MY body dictate what I did with it.
Not to praise the sadly maniacal Charlie Sheen but he said: "Nike doesn't say 'Just Try It Out' no, it says 'Just Do It'" - he has a point.
Start small, but start.
I wish you the freedom you deserve!

Ciao for now,

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