Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blah Blah Blah!

I love the dress. I couldn't stop staring at myself in the mirror and through her just as excited exhale, my mom pleaded "honey, just keep the weight off." Within seconds I took the dress off and walked away without saying more than "uh huh, because you too exercise and have a healthy diet." She barely understood what I meant.
What the hell? Everyone has fallen victim to parents saying the wrong things but I just don't get it. That shit hurts. They ruin everything in a moment with barely a full sentence. And when it comes to my mom it's usually about my weight.
The dress I'm talking about is my gorgeous floor length gown I'll be wearing as a presenter at the Golden Pastie Awards. I'm over the moon about it all. The dress is more gorgeous in person (had to order a different size and color online). I'm not putting a picture of the website on here because there has to be some element of surprise when I finally do get to wear it in 2 weeks!

That aside, late Thursday night my friends in Big Daddy Deluxe reached out looking for a last minute emcee...after a few minutes of trying to come up with someone I offered myself! Wasn't sure if they'd go for it but THEY DID! I was the evening lady on the mic at the Rockabilly Hot Rod Riot in Long Island. So excited I happened to have the day off so it was meant to be! I got to ride the train with Evelyn Vinyl and Dottie Dynamo who were booked for the burlesque portion. Later they also joined the pinup contest which was SO much fun because there ended up being a really drunk girl that got herself right in line and man she was a blast to fuck with on stage hahaha Long Island proved to be a lot of fun and the rockabilly scene is going as strong as they can. I met so many awesome people from roller derby girls, to the vintage car owners, musicians, performers, you name it! Everyone was incredibly kind and I got a lot of positive feedback which was SO nice!! Not gonna lie, I almost didn't offer myself out of fear & overall laziness but I pushed myself because I knew I would have regretted it for sure!
There are some really wonderful pictures from Saturday. A lot of professional photogs were around and a lot of not so professional guys with cell phones HA! I think I look HUGE in those pictures (which probably means I'm huge in real life too). I also look at them today and think "god, I looked awful!" I didn't feel awful though so I guess that counts for something. I definitely have some weird reversal of ego because I feel like a size 4 in a size 14/16 mold. ugh...I'll give myself a few days to like those pictures. I loved my hair though. Probably the only thing I have going for me. I am totally emotional for girl reasons *hint hint* hahah gross!

Last night I was at Kitty Nights again and tried out some clowning. I wasn't too happy with it. I was a little too impulsive rather than sticking to what I had rehearsed. Also my clown shoes aren't ready yet so I just wore my red sequin shoes against my will. Other than that I performed along side some super talent and as always there was a great audience! I love Fem but I mean, who doesn't really?!

Tomorrow night I am kittening (meow!) at Calamity Chang's Drunken Dragon Night at Macoa Trading Co. again. Working with some girls I haven't yet so that's exciting!! Debating what to do with my hair. Might go with a middle part for a Betty Boop look. We shall see...

I'm also rehearsing with my Two Hand Band over the next few weeks. We might have a gig at Drive Thru Burlesque *wink*

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and now an even better week to follow. Thanks for stopping by!

Ciao for now,


  1. So glad I read this. Makes me feel like we're having a convo, and this was just what I needed (seriously). We must chat!!! Hope Sephora training is going awesooooome. Can't wait to see your dress.
    PS- You always look amazing!

  2. Thanks girl! <3 and we do need to chat like whoa!