Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tassels on Delay!

No, I'm not stoned -although I wish- I was just super lazy! And when I wasn't feeling lazy I was at work...boooooo to me, I know!

Happy Wednesday! How was Tuesday without me? Awful I'm betting ha! jk jk (I love writing double "jk"!) I had a really fun yet fairly uneventful weekend. Friday night I decided to meet my girl Charlie Gunn(whom I hadn't seen in FOREVER!) at Calamity Chang's Room 69. I say it a lot, I don't go to shows much because frankly I just can't afford to go out. I have to be really selective and aware of my week when planning things. This was well worth it, even though I was exhausted and could have easily gone home and to bed. I practiced what I preached, though and headed out for a glass of wine!

It was fun to watch the show and see what the audience sees. I really loved performing at Hotel Chantelle so I wanted to check out a different POV. Afterward we ended up having another drink and some good eats at the usual post-show spot whose freakin name I cannot think of to save my life but it's right on the corner of Ludlow and Broome, across from Chantelle! Anyway, I love sitting with CC, she gives me great advice when I need it and really encourages me.

 Everyone needs a cheerleader! Other than my occasional hot ass reflection, I work overtime being my own cheerleader mentally. Here's my self-absorbed hot morning pic. I posted it on my Twitter but I try my best (sometimes!) to keep Facebook free of slutty pics I take of myself for my mother's sake. I love this bra, it makes my rack look extremely approachable haha grrr, I need a haircut but my color looks fly as hell!

Right now my calendar is pretty empty which means I have to use my free nights wisely to work on current acts and feel out a new one. Next week though I have a SUPER exciting show that I had mentioned before: The Big Girlie Show with THE GLAMAZONS! What what! Doing my newest act, which I LOVE, so I hope it goes over well!

Additionally I'm in the works of heading back to Staten Island with Meat My Friends. I was really putting it off because I'm in search for my Manhattan venue. Yes "my", I'm not messing around.  When it feels right, it's gonna happen!

I have a bad habit of saying "blah blah blah...and I'm a nobody" when a great opportunity is offered to me and I'm so excited explaining it to someone. We all know it's much easier to give advice than to take it but my number one goal is stop saying this. I don't think it all the time but sometimes it's easy to be self-deprecating as to avoid being proud! Well fuck the bullshit, I am pumped and I AM somebody! :)

Thanks for reading and baring with my tardiness!

Ciao for now,


PS: Here's the official flyer for The Big Girlie Show - please share it!

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